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Yes, hypelinks will work in PDF files. For the ones link to webpages, most of the PDF viewers support clicking the links to launch the web browser to open the webpages. But please note, like in Foxit Reader or Ppt To Pdf Converter Reader, there’s a Trust Manage mechanism to control whether allow the links to work. You need to double confirm to allow open the links after clicking it. The confirmation message like following. For the ones link to the certain places in the document, say bookmarks, of course it will work in PDF files, because it is the standard in PDF format.

Convert PPT to PDF: All You Need to Know

Step 2: Create your deck In a new document, we will create the first deck of the PDF. In the “Make New” Window click on the + icon (the blue book on top) and type in a few simple words. In my example I typed out “This is some text to get you started”.  Save this as a new file and name it “Sewing.pdf” Step 3: Get your deck to PowerPoint Once you have the PDF you saved, you will need to import it to PowerPoint. Once PowerPoint opens, and you select the default folder, it will ask if you are sure you wish to select the file. With your PDF in hand, select the “File” icon in your Ribbon under Presentation and then drag this deck (Sewing.pdf) to the top of the presentation and drop it. If you need to resize your deck or move it around, click on.

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