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The PPT document extension is associated with MS PowerPoint, the world's most widely used and powerful tool for making and modifying dynamic, beautifully made PowerPoint presentations.
Technical details
PPT files for Microsoft PowerPoint are native file formats, also called a binary file exchange file format (BIFF). The data files may include prepared text, numbering, images and video sound effects, and music.
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File extension
Internet media type
PDF is a widely spread file format for document sending or submitting where others can open it. It enables you to involve graphical elements, as well as tables, and plain text inside it. One of the many features of the file format is that it could be opened up from any device.
Technical details
PDF record is a 7-bit ASCII one, without the need of these elements that may have binary content material. The structure of the file format consists of the next items which might be either direct or indirect: boolean, labels, strings, arrays, numbers, channels and dictionaries, and null.
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Improve the design and functionality with fillable fields.
Check the numbering of pages.
Add your custom watermarks to validate your copyrights.
Use the Done button to save your PowerPoint slideshow in PDF format.

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Great PPT to PDF converter. It really gets the job done quickly. I turned one of my presentations into a PDF file to make it easier to email and share.
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I'm always making presentations, but not everyone wants to get a PPT file. So, this converter helps me turn my PowerPoint presentations into PDF files to make it easier for my colleagues and teammates.
This online tool makes my presentations look perfect no matter the device or OS. It converts presentations to PDFs fast. Thank you!


How to change the PPT format to PDF?
If you need to transform your PowerPoint presentation into Portable Document Format, the easiest way is to use an online tool. Type ppt-to-pdf-converter.com in your browser, open the website, import your file (note that the size should not exceed 25 MB), and press Convert. As soon as the file is converted, you can either download it to your device or save it in the cloud storage.
How do I convert PPTX to PDF?
Go to ppt-to-pdf-converter.com, select Choose File, and upload your presentation. After that click on the converting button and wait until the process is completed. Now you can save the new file. Provided stable internet connection, the whole procedure will take a couple of seconds.
Why can’t I change the file format from PPT to PDF?
This can be caused by the charts (that are linked with MS Excel) your presentation contains. Try pasting them as pictures. However, if you want to avoid such issues, use our online tool ppt-to-pdf-converter.com. Open the converter, upload your file, hit the Convert button, and within a few seconds you will receive a new file. Besides, instead of saving it, you can proceed with editing your document using our feature-rich online editor.
How do I save PPT as a PDF file?
You can do it by choosing Save as and selecting PDF as the outcome format. However, according to users’ feedback, certain issues might arise with the formatting of the resulting file. Therefore, a universal solution is an online converter. Go to ppt-to-pdf-converter.com, import your file, press the converting button, and upload the new document as soon as it is ready. If you need to make some changes to it, our full-fledged online editor is at your disposal.
How to convert PPT to PDF online?
There is a wide range of online tools for this purpose. However, not all of them can boast reliability, ease of use, and fast operation. Our converter combines them all. Just go to the website, import your presentation, press Convert, and wait till the progress bar shows 100%. Then you can either download the document or edit it using our online editor.
How to convert PPT to PDF for free?
The easiest way is to use a free trial for converting document formats. Type ppt-to-pdf-converter.com in your browser, open the tool, import your presentation, and click on the converting button. You will receive a ready file in Portable Document Format within a few seconds. Our converter has a user-friendly interface and works on any device regardless of the operating system.
How do I change PPT to PDF on Mac?
The first variant is by means of the Print option. Open your presentation, choose File, then Print, and Save as PDF. Another variant is to use an online converter. For instance, ppt-to-pdf-converter.com will cope with the task in a couple of seconds without installing anything on your device. Open the online tool, upload your file, hit the converting button, and save the resulting document.
How to save a PowerPoint presentation as PDF with notes?
If you want to save not only slides but also the notes you’ve added to them, you will have to use the Print option. Open your presentation, select File, Print, then choose Layout and click Notes. Now select Save as + the format you need. An alternative variant of converting PPT to PDF is our online tool.
How do I convert PPT to PDF on my smartphone?
You can download and install a specialized application on your Android or iOS device. However, if you don’t want to occupy your device’s memory, an online solution is the best alternative. Enter pdf-to-ppt-converter.com in your browser, open the website, import your presentation, and click Convert. Save the resulting document or proceed with editing it using our PDF editor.
Can I convert PPT to PDF without registration?
With our online converter, you can do it in a matter of seconds. Type ppt-to-pdf-converter.com in the search field of your browser, import the presentation, press the converting button, and wait till the progress bar gets 100% completed. Save the new document to your device or to the cloud storage. Upon converting the file, our converter enables its users to proceed with editing the document using our feature-rich online editor.
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