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What Software Is Recommended To Use To Create A Venture Capital Pitch?

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What Software Is Recommended To Use To Create A Venture Capital Pitch?

There’s only one. PowerPoint. Don’t use anything else (I love Keynote, but not enough people use it. Also you always send a deck in PDF, but VCs frequently need your deck for internal IC purposes, so want source and you can’t share if t are likely on PPT). Ok, ok, PowerPoint leveraging a template and multiple graphic sources, but heavily edited. Designers have no idea. Platforms use designer principles and don’t understand investors. I created my own ideal deck template. What I use/used. PPT (+Excel for financial stuff) Envato Elements Occasionally I get stuff on Envato and use Ppt To Pdf Converter PS, ID to edit Iconfinder a lot Google images
 tinypng to compress images And I draft decks in google docs It’s really not that fancy. The recycled advice online on decks is really not helpful to people raising.

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For example, on a site called , I posted a deck, and the site's CEO sent it back to me saying that it was good, but he was going to make it very well-thought-out before he sent it out, which they do not do, you know, which is sad, and also they were not looking for it (no one sends out deck to investors).   The one thing about the advice from those sites, and VC's in general, is that they are all a bit naive. They will say things like: “So what do you suggest I do? “ “You have to write an awesome deck of your own” “ “It's a long process” “ “You have to find the right graphic designer and designer to build the website” “ “It's a daunting task, you should be prepared for that” “ “You have to get it up so quickly, and on so many sites,.

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