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What Is The Use Case Of Converting A PDF To A Ppt?

Ummm ?? How about “It all depends” 
 ? PPT every time, it is what it is made for! Personally I would not be expecting to use PDF for any conference displays. The purpose of the PDF is to send out “fixed” print copies of the final documents. This has very little place in a presentation - other than possibly to hand out the data sheets at the end.

Convert PPT to PDF: All You Need to Know

For the latter method I use the Google Docs service. Note: A great number of programs have been suggested. I use VLC Media Player and PowerPoint Web Essentials 6.1 As for the text conversion process, to cut-and-paste the selected text into a presentation on PPT (but not PDF), I use Microsoft PowerPoint's Text To HTML and HTML To Text tools. I also use an application such as Microsoft Text to Image for images. In addition to the above, I use a service such as The Sourceforge Project Forum or a site like Text to HTML and Embedded in HTML (to which I've added some text) in conjunction with Google Docs or OpenOffice Writer for creating HTML documents that can be converted or edited easily by word processors such as Word or OpenOffice Writer. To import slides from a previous version of your presentation ... I use Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 in combination with Word.

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