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Your problem is very genuine, and you basically want to have a scanned image turned into a pdf and then editting that. Well, its a complicated situation. And then follow the steps.1) Open scanned pdf file in classicPDF. 2) Go to edit and click 'move/resize' in image tab, and export the picture (whole document will look as picture as you have scanned document) to picture format out of the pdf file. 3) Search for OCR(optical character recognition) software and use it to read the text from your exported images. It will do so and give you result in an MS word format. Make your changes in it, and then you can convert it back to PDF. 4) However if you need to make some slight changes to the document, its easy and just open your file in classicPDF editor, click insert text and then click where you want to make changes, you will get a text box, write in it, and when you are done with editing, save it. The box will overwrite what was beneath it. There is a bit complication involved but this actually involves the conversion of image to text, which can be done through OCR only. but this will make you able to have a simple pdf. Resource link

Convert PPT to PDF: All You Need to Know

Resource link. 5) And you are done, or the part of it is done, that's what I did. Now if you are using the same document again, and again you can just repeat the process. Resource link. My file is in plain text format. It is not like a scanned document with words, with tables and figures, and tables and figures etc. It is a plain text file. Furthermore, it contains only the data (text) and I have not added anything in there. However, if I wanted to put the picture to PDF, it has just be one copy, and then I can use other OCR software to convert it into text, and I can edit my version in the OCR software as well. I could also create another PDF if I just want a PDF at all, but again we are speaking of a few simple steps, and that's it.

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