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Is It Ok To Send A Link To A Password Protected Website Instead Of A?

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Is It Ok To Send A Link To A Password Protected Website Instead Of A?

This has only ever happened to me once. I was taking meetings for my startup in March 2011 and had just wrapped up a very enjoyable meeting with Sequoia which is on the far west side of Sand Hill Road. I drove Sand Hill east back into Palo Alto and the sunny day suddenly morphed into a freak rainstorm that lasted only about 5 minutes. During this time I stopped at a red light and was rear-ended by a Pediatric Oncology Resident at Stanford. Minor scratches on my rental car, the front end on his Corolla was much worse. I called the VC's executive assistant (EA) who was very kind and told me "not to worry about it". I talked with Palo Alto's Finest and made it to the VC's office on Middlefield Road about an hour late. I was ushered into a conference room by the EA who must have asked if I was "okay" a half dozen times (I'll never forget how kind she seemed in comparison to her "boss"). I waited for the GP of the firm for about 10 minutes. He walked in an said "Heard you had an accident!", I brushed the comment aside saying I was fine and launched into a pitch. He held his hand up and told me that he had no interest in investing, then proceeded to tell me that the way I got "in" to see him "never works" to get meetings in the "Valley". (I'm still puzzled by this to this very day that he told me that as I sat in a chair, with him, the GP of the firm, in his largest conference room.) Maybe I shouldn't have but I forced the live demo anyway (about 5 minutes) he compared it with known technology and said his firm was an investor in a competing technology. He then asked if I was flying home that day and mentioned that he had a flight to catch later that day with his family to their "private island" and mentioned that it's nice to "not have to fly commercially". He then asked me if I wanted a mint that bared the name of his VC firm, which I took as a souvenir- which was the only takeaway of value from the meeting. This man's name is burned into my memory forever and is one of my top motivators to succeed.

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