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How Do I Add My Powerpoint Presentation Link With My Resume?

For a quick one day course, I strongly encourage you seek out a Fred Pryor Seminar, CareerTrack, Skillpath or National Seminar. I used to teach for Fred Pryor/CareerTrack and Skillpath. I like them for one BIG reason
 t not only teach the technical parts of PowerPoint, t teach PRESENTING EFFECTIVELY, using it as a tool, as part of how you are trying to communicate to your audience.

Convert PPT to PDF: All You Need to Know

I have only found out about .key extension of PowerPoint document. To save in the .PPT format, I have listed down the steps required Step 1. Keynote.doc Step 2. You will see different formats such as PPT, PDF, Images, HTML.etc. Step 3. Select the PPT format and click on the NEXT menu. Step 4. Save as popup will be displayed. You can enter the name of the new PPT file and click on Export button Step 5. Open the exported file in PowerPoint to ensure your content looks right. You may need to make some slight adjustments to any text or images that had unique Keynote effects. Click Here To Download PowerPoint Keynote presentation, Step 6. Now Go back to Keynote where you opened the .pdf file of Keynote. Step 7. There will be few sections as follows: Step 8: To create slide transitions, I have created.

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