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How Can I Memorize Everything In A Powerpoint Presentation As A?

Assuming this is for a test you only have 6 days not 7. This means 50 a day. I'd say it's hopeless-you shouldn't have procrastinated. Seriously, it's time to study smart. obviously some info is More Important than others. The trick is to discern the important parts. Most textbooks are written in a paragraph format with the Important sentence being the 1st. This has the New & Important Thought the rest of the paragraph will explain, give the background for & expound upon. When you skim over a text book this is the method you use. Perhaps you should do the same with the slides. Pick out what you think you will be tested on in each one & what is not so important. This doesn't work in all cases but it's a good method to remember most of the info. Prioritizing is what everyone does in real life with time & resources. Put the slides into groups by subject ( or maybe timeline in which t appear in your studies.) (Timeline because the thought process from one flowing into the next has already been done for you by the textbook or slide creator & this will make it easier to remember.) Don't Study with a friend!!! Too much time is wasted!

Convert PPT to PDF: All You Need to Know

I used to spend 4 hours & 20 minute class time a day just sitting in my corner, watching the lectures & reading my textbooks; not to mention grading papers that I knew I couldn't understand. My first semester of college I did well on my tests (like all freshman) so I had some confidence; now that I'm in grad school, I'm struggling to understand, so I spend more time studying with my classmates; it's worked. Don't focus all your time studying. If you are studying you are giving up other activities. For example, when my class is studying, I'm eating at my mom's, reading, playing on my iPad, listening to music, watching TV or writing papers and essays; not wasting time when there are still 2 weeks till exam date. It's not going to work for all students. If you focus on an area in which you have.

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