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How Can I Convert A Ppt File Into PDF Preserving The Animations?

Hi, You can use any tool which can open and convert GIF to PDF format. You can follow the same thread on Quora. How can I turn photo into a PDF? Thanks

Convert PPT to PDF: All You Need to Know

I am using Adobe Photoshop CC. When I convert, it is using Adobe Acrobat CC, and then I export it, using Adobe PDF Expert. Is there any other option. -- IN. Great question! First, here are some tips and tricks for your PDF to Photo Conversion... 1. Use a large image (like a 8)10 image). You'll see smaller results in Photoshop CC. Using a more detailed image (like a 11)14 or 16)24) is much more successful. I'd recommend keeping your images about 50% larger than what you want to convert, so that your images fill the entire photo that you're converting. 2. Remove Background. Once you've selected your photo, press Ctrl + J, then double-click the Background tab to remove it. This will help make the conversion look more natural and “flat”. 3. Choose the best size. Use the Size tab, and select the best-looking conversion. The best-looking one should include a background that is a.

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