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Powerpoint To PDF Image Quality: What You Should Know

Step 3: An additional dialog shows up to choose your new PDF settings. Step 4: Click OK. Step 5: This PDF to PPT Converter works in real time. The page layout will be automatically copied from your document, but the source graphics, image format and font colors will be changed automatically. PowerPoint to PDF — Loss of image quality using JPEG Converting from PowerPoint, you'll find if you select a “High-density PNG”, JPEG loses image quality. This is a known issue with Adobe's native JPEG tool. For better picture quality, I suggest you use PNG or PDF to JPEG. High Definition Converting PowerPoint to PDF A good example is conversion from PowerPoint to PDF with Google Presentations (...). To convert a “High Definition” PowerPoint presentation, first make sure you have PowerPoint installed and open it. Go to the “Microsoft PowerPoint” menu in the ribbon. Click Edit. Click Options. Click Advanced. In the Image Size and Quality section, click Set default target output to (PNG instead of PDF). A dialog asks if you want your presentation to be converted to PDF or PNG (which also has some advantages, see ...). Click Create PDF instead. A dialog asks if you want high-quality image processing to be applied to your file. Click Yes, this will change all of your source graphics to high-resolution PNG, giving sharper and clearer images — making them more compatible with other graphics programs. Click OK. Converting PowerPoint to PDF is quick, powerful, and very useful as a PDF viewer. The Convert PPT to PDF dialog is located in the main 'Microsoft PowerPoint' toolbar. How to Convert PPT to PDF without losing quality — Microsoft Community Oct 6, 2023 — Go to File. · Select Options. · Click Advance. · Under the Image Size and Quality section, look for Set default target output to and select the PPI you prefer.

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