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Pptx File: What You Should Know

The files can be viewed within most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We recommend using one of the following browsers, though they may not  show all files within the PPTX file or any of the additional file extensions. Chrome Google Chrome is the standard desktop browser on  Windows, Mac Windows 8.1, Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 All Microsoft browsers support the PPTX file format, and all of them include a  pipeline for viewing PPTX files. Note: Microsoft Edge is required to view the OXT (Office Open XML) format. Internet Explorer 9 IE 9 supports the native PPTX file format with no additional  extensions. Other options for viewing files on Internet Explorer are the  Microsoft Office Download Helper for IE9 or the IE10 update for viewing the PPTX file format. How do I upload a PPTX file or open a PPTX file? · Create or open a new workbook folder that will contain all the data  you will be displaying within your PPTX file. · Once the project has been created, open the project.  You can't upload PPTX files to workbook or other project folders, but you can open them within a  project. · Right-click inside the file-sharing dialog box. · Click in the Open With field of the PPTX file you'd like to view (note that  this is the file extension) and click the drop-down to select Microsoft PowerPoint OXT (aka OXT) for viewing. · Click Download. Using PowerPoint for sharing PowerPoint Files · Open up or upload PowerPoint files with the PPTX and OXT (Office Open XML) files and the  file formats available. · Note that the PowerPoint file format needs to be set up as a presentation to (or OXT for viewing) the slides. · PowerPoint needs to be configured to allow the upload of OXT files to a • PowerPoint file that has a folder location of \\PurchasedPPTX. Please see the instructions in the above example for how to do this. · There is no way to open a PPTX file from PowerPoint.

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