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How To Insert A Slide In Powerpoint: What You Should Know

How to make a slide from an image: In Microsoft PowerPoint, there are three ways to make a slide from an image: Slide to start the slide, create a text section in the image and press ⊞‎ to add the image before it, or create a slide from the image from left-to-right. Learn more at  How to delete a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint Dec 1, 2023 — Delete a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint After you save a PowerPoint presentation, if you choose the [Save to] button, you can get a copy of the file that you then choose the [Save to] button to send to others. If someone sends you a PowerPoint presentation, you can save it to either your Word, Excel or PowerPoint file and choose to send it over email or to share with others. Alternatively, the [Save to] button you can save a PowerPoint presentation to a new file using a new folder from your computer's file folder. How to save or view an exported presentation Dec 22, 2023 — View or export PowerPoint presentations · Press [F9] to open the PowerPoint presentation viewer. Then scroll down to find [File] > [Save as...], choose a file, and click [Save File]. Then choose [Open] to view the file in Office Online or Outlook. · If an image from your PowerPoint presentation doesn't display nicely in your browser—for example, if you have a slide in PowerPoint and an image is larger and in a file format that PowerPoint can't display—[Windows Update] and go to the [Print...] ribbon, then select [save file as] with [File] selected, then click [Save File].

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