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Powerpoint 2023 Presentation: What You Should Know

This is an overview of the core features of PowerPoint 2013. To learn about all the features we'll teach you in this class, watch the PowerPoint 2023 video class, PowerPoint 2023 PowerPoint Basics, with instructor Jason Tompkins, or download and learn from the PowerPoint 2023 training video with instructor Jeff Mervin, and visit our blog at Microsoft Windows: Building a Better Workplace — YouTube In this video, you'll learn how to design a better work environment using Windows 7. Download the Office 2023 app, then visit the Microsoft campus and see for yourself the new Windows 7 design, along with the new desktop and Start menu that are available when you install Office 2013. Microsoft Office 2023 Overview — YouTube In this video you'll learn what Office 2023 offers. Microsoft Office 2023 is designed from the ground up to give you a better work experience. Watch this free video to learn more about Office 2013. Insight on PowerPoint 2023 — YouTube In this video, you'll learn the new features of PowerPoint 2013. See what Microsoft considers a high-impact slide, what's new with Outlook, and why it might be worth setting up an online presentation. PowerPoint 2013: Creating a Professional Paper Presentation — Global Start your presentation by clicking the Presentation tab. The first screen that you see could also be called Slide Options. Use the New Slide button to create a new slide and insert text, change the font and styles or create your slide outline. For a complete list of options, see PowerPoint Help. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Presenting Your Slide Show — YouTube In this video, you'll learn how to prepare and run your PowerPoint presentation. Watch our YouTube PowerPoint tutorial for details, or visit our site and learn from the video's instructor, Jason Tompkins.

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