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How To Embed Fonts In Word 2016: What You Should Know

When the Embed Text... checkbox is selected, select the font to be embedded. · When the Embed Font Options dialog box is displayed, the dialog box displays a list of the different fonts embedded and whether users selected the embedding checkbox. · From the list choose the font to be used. (Note: The embedded font does not need to be in your preferred font list, or the default font list if there are several. · You can also create custom fonts for use in Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher by using the Microsoft Fonts dialog box with the Font Settings dialog box.) · In the Fonts' dialog box, type out the name and the type of font you wish to embed. Click Add, then click OK. (The name and type of font will not be added until you click OK). · Open the document while working on the document. The page should read as follows: The following are some additional tips when embedding fonts: · Windows 7 and later includes a special Font Folder to help with font naming, organization, and management. If you have installed that font and want to use it in Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher, open the Font Folder and click Add in the Font menu bar. · If the Embed Text check box is checked and the font name is not specified, then select the default font name or an appropriate font. · This feature is particularly helpful when you embed the fonts of a company that does not have official font names. · If you want the embedded font to be an exact match to the original font name, type that in the Font name box. · To make a font appear in all Microsoft Office documents, set the Font Folder to “Open Microsoft Office Fonts.” Open Microsoft Office Fonts — To open Fonts, click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Open Office Fonts. Open Office Fonts — To see a list of all Microsoft Office fonts, go to Microsoft Office Fonts. Embedding fonts in Microsoft Word Documents using the Fonts in Office tool Using the Fonts in Office tool Click on the tools fonts in Office button. In the right-hand pane, choose the Fonts file that you wish to work with. Click to select it. Click save and Open‥. The Fonts in Office tool opens the current document's Fonts folder.

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