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Indesign Video Not Playing In PDF: What You Should Know

Now video works without Flash in Acrobat and Adobe Reader. The issue will be fixed in newer versions of Flash Player.  Aug 29, 2023 — The PDF will not play even if you choose to include it in the presentation because the “file type” is “PDF.” Video is not supported in PDF Format or in PDF Viewers Oct 18, 2023 — It works with PDF Viewer 8.3 in Microsoft Windows or Adobe Acrobat (version 12.0). It works for Acrobat on MAC, too, but not for PDF Viewers in Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Apple iOS, and Adobe Acrobat XI, because they were never designed to work with video. Dec 29, 2023 — Video works out of the box in PowerPoint, Web View, OneNote, and in Google Docs. However, Google Keep is currently not compatible, so video has not yet been tested in this application. Apr 5, 2023 — Video works with Google Chrome in version 54 and will work with Chrome 55. If you are using Firefox, Firefox 58, or Mozilla Firefox in Chrome 55, playback works out of the box but will fail in Web View and OneNote. Web View displays a black box when previewing. OneNote will not display the video if you have any open documents in it. Video cannot be displayed in Adobe Reader, but it is possible to use it in LibreOffice Oct 15, 2023 — Video can be played in  Adobe Reader Google Chrome and Apple Mac I was previously using this method on all my machines. However, due to Apple's latest changes to their web browser, I was unable to play the video on any of my Windows PCs. (I use a 64-bit OS which requires 64-bit Adobe Reader, so this probably has something to do with it, but I have not confirmed it.) The web browser is not compatible with the video player, so the only other alternative would be Google Chrome. Chrome is not compatible with Adobe Reader, so there's no other work around. Chrome is not compatible with Microsoft Windows, or Microsoft Windows XP.

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