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Keynote For Mac: What You Should Know

How Keynote Works Keynote is an Apple software for designing and creating presentations. It's easy to get started and  truly great for taking great pictures. Keynote offers a range of tools to add graphics and animation. Read a more detailed  how to use Keynote, below. Get it A note on installation K.I.Z.E.N.Y. — Download Apple does not recommend installing anything from within the Keynote application. To use Keynote effectively on your Mac, you  need to download the Keynote desktop app, which is an icon that looks like Keynote. You can also install  the iOS, Android, or Windows applications. Install Keynote on Mac Install Keynote on Mac by downloading the free app. Keynote Desktop — Download The easiest way to install Keynote is through the MacOSXKeynoteSetup App. How to set up Keynote The default key shortcuts for Keynote are Command-Shift-Key (Cmd-Shift-K) for opening, clicking on, and typing. When you want to start Keynote, drag it out of the dock to the Apple menu, where you can drag it to the desktop and start  using Keynote. Keyboard Shortcuts for Keynote Command-Shift-Command-G — Open. Drag a document. (e.g. “Get to Workbook”) Command-Shift-Command-U — Open with context menu. (e.g. Command-1) Command-Shift-N — Close Keynote. (e.g. Control-C) Command-Shift-Q — Quit. Command-Shift-O — Hide mouse cursor Command-O — Hide tool tips. Command-U — Zoom to view (e.g. “Zoom to image”) Command-I — Lock tool tips Command-K — Maximize tool tips (e.g. “Maximize”) Command-L — Minimize tool tips. Command-T — Restore previous app windows. Command-C — Close browser. (e.g. Chrome) Command-P — Print image or PDF. (e.g. “Print”) Command-D — Display file information. Command-U — Open a context menu to open a dialog box.

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