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Images Not Showing When Converting Email To PDF: What You Should Know

How to create a PDF with embedded images / texts in Outlook Mar 17, 2023 — When you use Outlook with your own images, a dialog box comes up with the option to convert the document to PDF, that is great if you have embedded photos and  how to open and edit a PDF with embedded images in Outlook Jul 23, 2023 — As I said above, when you open a PDF file on Outlook it opens it with a full size image. If you convert it into a PDF, it will only show the first image if it is bigger than 100 dpi. So if your image is 200 dpi, don't worry, you can resize it to 150 dpi to make it show up. The best way to edit the documents after conversion is to use the “Format to PDF (Print)” window in the Edit / Pages menu. In Excel, there are two ways to do this. You can either go to the File tab and click “Print Page” or you can double-click the text box with the “page number” and then click “Page Setup”. You can select your text box and then select this option to edit the PDF. As for Outlook, it's different, as the “Format to PDF (Print)” window doesn't show in the Edit / Pages menu on Excel. The next option is the best in the sense that it allows you to make the last few pages in the PDF appear as if you printed the last page of the PDF. By selecting this option, you make the text look like “Paste and Save Document” on the last page and the picture on the last page to be in high resolution. #5 Outlook doesn't convert the PDF to a Word document by default, and then converts PDF to Word Document automatically, even if there's embedded images and text in the document. When this occurs, if you want to convert the document back to PDF you have to change this setting manually. Go to: Tools > Options > Publisher > Text Editor, then make sure that there are no “Embedded Images” in the Format to PDF window and change “Enable embedded image support” to “Disable embedded text” (see the picture below) Then the only way to convert the document back to PDF is to open this Word file in Word, save the file as PDF, and then manually convert the document back to PDF. See the picture below.

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