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Embed Video In PDF Mac Preview: What You Should Know

Add video for Apple Notes on Windows Phone 8 Add video to note on WP8 Phone Add Video to Word for Mac — Embedded YouTube video in Windows Phone 8 Add video to a PDF and watch the video. I am using Acrobat XI Professional for Office applications on Windows. I have an embedded video, but I can't see it on mobile devices. Furthermore, I am using Acrobat XI 11.5 or 10.2. If I double-click the video, it plays the video but the [ ] does not work. Anyone else finds the same problem? — Jules How to add a video player in Acrobat XI How to add a video player to Acrobat XI First, locate the video or audio file (MP4 or MOVE) for your video. On my desktop, it is .mp4 file. I also have .mp3 files with audio that I am sending to my phone on the Bluetooth phone plugin. Open the program that you want to use to add your video. (i.e., Open Office) Locate the file you want to insert a video player. The file will be identified as audio file, video file or video container (i.e., a container that is a part of the file). In some cases, this will be the first file in the container that you have opened. In the Insert category, select your video source and then select the video player to find where the video player will be inserted: Click OK and your video player will be added. Now let's change some settings of your video player. Click Menu, Options, Insert > Audio Player(s). A dialog box will appear where you can modify a few settings: Format: Choose from QuickTime, MPEG2, or VP8 Audio Codec: Choose from AAC/MAV, AAC / AC-3, or MP3 Audio Level : Choose from Low to High Video: Choose from QuickTime, MPEG2 (MPEG) / MPEG4 Part B, MP4 (H.264), or JPEG Video Frame Rate: Choose from 0 (default) to 24 Frames Per Second Video: Click the Audio, Video, and Controls button > Advanced Settings > Video Format.

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