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How To Package A Powerpoint Presentation On A Mac: What You Should Know

If I could use PowerPoint to create a package to CDA file that will be sent via e-mail to the CDA organization it would be a big and efficient tool. Please help me out. I need to send a CDA file to the CDA members. I really need it for my work. Thank you. Jul 21, 2024 — My presentation is using PowerPoint 2024 format. When I go to package it into Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac it says no .PPTX file can be created on .XML document. What do I do? There's no special problem. You're using the version of PowerPoint you have installed. The problem is the format of your presentation. There are no solutions to this problem because it depends on the information in your presentation. It depends on the formatting you used in your presentation. In other words, formatting doesn't really affect whether you can import and package. It's the content of your presentation that's more important. Please don't be discouraged. See how to create a .

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