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How To Convert Ppt To PDF With Hyperlinks Intact: What You Should Know

Now, check your file format (PDF to PPT). Or, it's very easy, you just have to find the corresponding links in your document to make them active at the same time. For example: For the first couple pages of your presentation: If the hyperlink for the chapter on Presentation Formatting appears to be empty, you need to include the links in your document. Step: 1: Enter the hyperlink in the document. Step: 2: Select it from the right. Step: 3: Make the hyperlink active. See? Easy ! Or: Enter the “link” as in picture.  Then, select it from the right. This link is activated, if you copy it at the same time. Step: 4: If everything's ok, save the file. It works best to enter only the needed hyperlinks. You can copy and paste these hyperlinks from any web page you can find. Here is the list of hyperlinks I use in presentations: And I can find them by looking for the .pdf tags. The main purpose of hyperlinks in slide shows is to give the speaker a better understanding of the content. If you wish to show a presentation in your company or organization, download my “How to Create Presentation Slides” checklist. Here's how to make your presentation slide's page more attractive: Step 1: Download PowerPoint 2024 version.   Then, open PowerPoint and choose the slide. Step 2: Click the Insert tab and choose a new Slide Rule.   Then, choose the color you want to use. Step 3: Add the slide rule's template to your .ppt file. If you like my work, please consider giving it a vote ! More Resources · How to convert PPT to PDF — Quick Guide (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8) · How to convert PPT to PDF — Quick Guide (Mac OS X and Linux) · How to convert PPT to PDF with hyperlinks Intact to the online How to Convert PPT to PDF with Hyperlinks Intact to the online converter. Drag and drop your PPT into the toolbox. Wait for the software to save the file to PDF format.

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