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Powerpoint Image Resolution: What You Should Know

Image Resolution Guidelines for PowerPoint, Presentation,  SharePoint, and Other Presentation Systems A typical document with an image resolution of 640 × 800. PowerPoint image resolution guidelines A good rule of thumb for the image resolution of PowerPoint presentations is to make sure the image is  at least 1024 or 2048 pixels wide by 848 or 1024 pixels high in order  to maintain the right aspect ratio. In other words you want the image to be  wide enough to fill a single row of a text box and that it is in proportion, and not to scale  it to fill the entire screen area. You can create a PowerPoint presentation with a size that's just right. How to create an eye catching PowerPoint presentation that's just right With that said, if you decide to take advantage of PowerPoint for image display then do not go for the default picture resolution. The only recommendation here is to keep that image size between 1920px to 4096 pixels wide by 960 or 1024 pixels high. That's the size that can be displayed well on a typical  8″ laptop computer. If you plan to show an image that is larger than that then you will need larger sizes. Image Resolution Settings and Adjustment in PowerPoint Now a typical Microsoft PowerPoint presentation contains an image that is 640 × 800 and that would be the default setting to use when importing it into PowerPoint. Poster Image Resolution Settings in Microsoft PowerPoint Here you can go into the image setting panel with an option or two that you may find useful to customize. You can also customize the width of the image and resize it to a custom size. Setting the size of images in Microsoft PowerPoint You can also change the dimensions of the image panel, the width, and the height. Microsoft PowerPoint Image Resolution Settings With the image resolution setting panel open in PowerPoint, you can also access the Size of the Poster and Poster Image options to adjust the dimensions of the graphic. Setting the Size of a Poster (The poster is just part of the image, the other image is the background. Click Image > Size of Poster and the Image Scale option will appear, in the lower left corner. It allows you to adjust how the image is adjusted. You have the ability to set it to a size where the image fills the entire slide and adjusts the background with the slide.

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