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Sync Powerpoint With Video: What You Should Know

How to Remove YouTube Videos from YouTube's YouTube Slides How to Remove YouTube Videos from YouTube's YouTube Slides What is YouTube's “Auto-Synchronization”? YouTube's Auto-Synchronization means that YouTube videos will synchronize automatically to PowerPoint slides without using any plugins or tricks. YouTube's Auto-Synchronization does not work when: 1. YouTube's videos are longer than 4 m (13.33 ft). 2. You use YouTube's Auto-Synchronization feature in a video that uses Flash (otherwise the Flash content will be cut off in order to synchronize the original YouTube video with this PowerPoint lecture). 3. YouTube's videos are too long to be shown in PowerPoint. What is Google's YouTube's Auto-Synchronization? YouTube's Auto-Synchronization feature works when PowerPoint slides are of the same length as YouTube's videos (or longer). How to Sync YouTube Videos with Google Slides How to Sync YouTube Videos with Google Slides Google also provides auto-sync for YouTube videos with the Google Slides format. However, if a Google video is not of the same length as a YouTube video that uses this format, it will not sync automatically to Google Slides. However, if you click on “Auto-Synchronize” on YouTube videos that are “longer than 4 m (13.33 ft)” the auto-synchronization feature will function correctly. Google's autostart function doesn't work, so you will always need to start YouTube on the computer before syncing. How can I synchronize my YouTube videos with my Google Slides presentations? If you set up Auto-Synchronization with YouTube's Auto-Synchronization, your videos will automatically be synchronized to any PowerPoint file you save. Google YouTube Video Sync Google YouTube Video Sync is the best free video synchronization software for YouTube. It's easy to use and fully compatible with YouTube. How to Sync YouTube Videos with Google Slides To synchronize your videos with Google Slides, follow these steps: 1. Download the Google Video Sync app. 2. Select a slide from the PowerPoint file or slide sheet and click the link. 3. In the URL field, paste the URL of the YouTube video into the form field. 4. Click the “Sync”, “Play” or “Preview” button. 5.

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