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How To Create A Video Lecture With Powerpoint: What You Should Know

Video in PowerPoint — Microsoft Store What's a Video Lecture? A short video showing what's shown in the PowerPoint Slide show. The slide shows, in addition to describing the image on the projector screen, will also describe the key points in the presentation as the presenter talks through each slide. The slide shows can contain audio to convey the speaker and listeners' thoughts and feelings. Video presentation with video slides in slide show mode — Microsoft Store What's a video Lecture? A long time ago in a country far, far away (in fact right now), I was given a special gift: a PowerPoint presentation in slide show mode. I was given so much freedom to show off the information I wanted! Now you can have that same freedom, and more. Now you can create a video Lecture in slide show mode. You can record a Video Lecture anytime; just drag and drop the video image over the audio track in PowerPoint or choose from a number of pre-made templates. You can even choose to have the audio track play in time. Furthermore, you can view the video lectures in slideshow mode, or turn slide shows off and just view the slide show on your computer.

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