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Convert Word To Powerpoint Mac: What You Should Know

Windows) / ‾ † 4. Highlight the title of your second slide/section. Click and drag your mouse across all the text in the title to select it. 4. Open Word. You can either select File > Open with > PowerPoint, or right-click and select ‒ PowerPoint ‒. If you're trying to convert a document that is already in PowerPoint format, you don't have to create a new PowerPoint presentation, you can drag a file from within PowerPoint to your Word document. How to Convert Word to PowerPoint with Pictures — Wonder Share PDF and Picture files to PowerPoint Step 1. Open a new Word document. Click on File > Open with > PowerPoint. To be able to choose a video file to show as an overlay within PowerPoint, you will need to change the type of file to Image File. Click on File Save to Web. 3. Then click on ‒ PowerPoint ‒ ▸ Slide 1. You should see a dialog box appear which looks like this: 4. Highlight this button (not shown). 5. Click on ‒ Add Picture. 6. Click Add… to select the picture you want. 7. Click on Save then choose a location to save the picture (e.g. My Pictures/Poster.jpg). 8. Change the type of file, for instance you choose to save a JPEG (but save it as a JPEG, not JPEG2000, the size will be the same in both cases). 9. Click Save. 10. Then click on ‒ Slide 2. You should see a dialog box appear which looks like this: 11. Highlight this button (not shown); the dialog box will look like this: 12. Highlight the box that says “Include pictures with this slide”. Click the button, that you just clicked, on the box. 13. In the dialog box presented, select pictures you want to use. The pictures should all be present with the pictures you choose at that time (not with different pictures in between). Then click Open. 14. Save the picture using the picture you saved previously. This is a separate step from the next step: How to Convert a Word Document into a PowerPoint. 15. Click Add Picture again to select the picture you just saved, and go through the rest of the steps as above. 16. Finally, click on Save, and choose a location to save the picture. Note: There is also an option to “Export as a picture”.