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Questions & answers

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Open your presentation in PowerPoint for the web. On the File tab of the Ribbon, click Share, and then click Embed. In the Embed box, under Dimensions, select the correct dimensions for the blog or web page. Under Embed Code, right-click the code, click Copy, and then click Close.
Insert a hyperlink On the slide, tap where you want to add the link. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, select Link. Select Insert Link In the Text to display box, enter the text that will be the hyperlink. Select Insert.
Insert Outline Launch PowerPoint. Click the arrow under "New Slide" on the "Home" tab. Select "Slides from Outline" at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Navigate to your HTML or HTM file and double-click to insert it into PowerPoint. PowerPoint will insert the text into slides in the presentation.
An easy (and free) way is to download OpenOffice and use Impress to open the PowerPoint presentation. Then export into a separate folder as HTML. Your presentation will consist of separate HTML files and images for each PowerPoint slide. Link to the title page, and you're done.
Select File -> Open from the menu and load a page such as c.\\bigjava\\slides\\ch01\\slide001. html . The first slide shows up, magnified for easy viewing. Click the Next and Previous buttons to flip through the slides.
How to convert documents to HTML format? Introduction. Step 1. Download and install AVS Document Converter. Step 2. Load your input documents into the program. Step 3. Set the output file format and select the file type. Step 4. Set the output name for your documents. Step 5. Set the destination folder.
html file. Right-click the thumbnail of the slide you want to save, and click Copy. In a new Word document, paste your slide (Ctrl+V). If necessary, drag to resize the slide image to fill the page. Click File > Save As, and then choose Web Page or Web Page, Filtered.
You can select the HTML table using the cursor. Right click over the selection and click Copy. Then, go to PowerPoint and select the slide where you want the table to be pasted.
If you have an account on OneDrive, do the following using Powerpoint Online (accessing Powerpoint via the browser) to embed a Powerpoint. Click 'File', then 'Share', then 'Embed' Click the 'Generate' button to generate HTML code to be embedded. Copy the 'Embed Code' and paste it in the HTML of a website.
On the File tab of the Ribbon, select Download As, and then, on the panel of options that appears on the right, select Download a Copy. A dialog box confirms that the copy is ready to be downloaded to your computer. Select Download to continue.