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Android Studio For Android: What You Should Know

For a custom installation (or for using only a subset of Android Studio): Download ARC Ore from Ore and Android Lab for Windows: The latest version of Android Lab for Windows is at Java-Java Native Interop (JNI) — Java Developers Blog This document details how you should use Java Native Interop (JNI) on Android. JNI has an important role to play in allowing a Java-only API to coexist alongside native code provided by a device or application development framework. Android for Beginners — Android Developers Blog This free, comprehensive book will introduce even the non-programmers to everything Android offers — apps, games, the Internet, messaging, email, phone calls, media — in one place. Java 8 — Java Developers Blog Java 8 includes a large collection of APIs and many new language features, including generics. It is currently available only for developers working on Java 8 applications and builds on major APIs from Java 7. Java 9 — Release Information Java 9 is the long-awaited ninth version of Java. The release has been largely under wraps, but it is expected to be released to the public in June 2017. More information about Java 9 can be found at: Java 9 is one of Oracle's Java releases. The other versions of Java have been announced but have not yet been released. Google APIs — Android Developers Blog (2017), Here is a list of APIs from the Android Open-Source Project, which is under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

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