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Android Studio Run Configuration: What You Should Know

Right now, because Grade and the Grade wrapper (Graders) are configured in the background, you must use the “android” task to do so. The “android” task has a “check-in” phase and a “check-out phase,” which make sure all dependencies are present and start the execution. To start the task, use Task > Start Task > Android Application from the Android Application menu. (If you want to execute an app you've created to the device, you can now use Task > Run Task to run your modified project; you can also start the task from a remote computer using an app like Remote Task Runner or the Grade command line tool. See .) The “check-in” phase, which does all the setup, is part of the “included build tools” phase of the build. When built, the “included build tools” phase also contains a set of build steps that help build the code base. These build steps include building all external packages listed in Google's Android Studio > Build Paths and Android Studio > Packages as well as building the “app” project. The “check-out” Phase When the package system is synchronized, the “check-out” phase runs when an app is installed on an Android Device or when you download an app from Google Play. The “check out” phase also includes all the build-time actions and tasks that would have occurred were the app not installed, including provisioning your device. The check-out phase starts after your Android device has booted and checks to see whether it has an app. All code built during the build-time actions such as compiling, running tests, and deploying an app to a device will go into the “check out” phase. The check-out phase takes place after the app and the necessary dependencies are installed to your device. When you start a new Android Studio project, it is always in the check-in phase. You can run the “check-out” phase and all build-time tasks and actions that are related to it on the Grade console by selecting Edit > Run > Check In.

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