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Android Studio: What You Should Know

We fixed a critical bug within the Build System, which has impacted the developer experience. The fix will be automatically deployed as part of the next app deployment. Our new Continuous Integration (CI) system is now fully integrated with the new Android Automotive and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments. Android Studio 4.0 — The next generation of Android tooling Android Developers — Android Developers · Blog Learn what's New in Android Studio 4.0 Android Developers — Android Developers · Blog Learn what's New in Android Studio 4.0 Now Available To Download! Android Community · Blog Learn what's New in Android Studio 4.0 Released yesterday, it is a big one. Over the last few weeks we've seen a huge increase in apps, and all the great new Android features. This build does not include all that we've been building over the last year, but the changes are great! Let us dive into the new stuff and see what's new! Android Studio 4.0 is now available! With over 20.5 bug fixes and over 40 new features, Google's newest and slimmest build of Android Studio is now available. You can pick it up on the Downloads page in the app store, or you can use the download links on the documentation, or on the wiki! Android Developers · Blog June 1, 2023 — Google+: Android Developers · Blog Google I/O 2023 — Google releases Android Studio 4.0. Android Studio 4.0 is here with the following features: New: Build System is now integrated into Android Automotive and SaaS environments. New: Improved integration with IntelliJ and JetBrains development tools. New: Build system is now integrated directly in the IDE. New: A new tabbed view has been added to the Developer > Settings window, allowing you to easily switch between IntelliJ, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, and your other tools. Improvements to Android Studio's new tabbed view provide more control over your project, as well as provide support for additional tools such as Grade (see the Grade page). Improvements to the default theme have changed the appearance of all files in the project hierarchy. You can see the new theme in the IDE's color picker for color-based theme options. Added Support for Android Studio 3.0 The Grade plugin is now supported in Android Studio 3.

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