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How To Create Apk File Of Installed App: What You Should Know

APK Extractor comes preinstalled on many android devices, so you can simply download and install it. I have installed it onto my phone. Now the downloaded APK files on my SD card. How to install APK Extractor on my phone? Use your Android smartphone. Install the APK on your android phone, by any popular application. Open your android smartphone. Go to Applications > APK Extractor. The application will guide you on how to extract an APK file, and automatically download the APK file to your android smartphone. How to extract from app store? Please follow the tutorial on How to Extract from APK from Android on your PC. How to use APK extractor? Extractor is available for android and iOS devices. It can help you find out apps that are not working properly, install apps or modify apps. It's useful especially for developers as they can see what sort of apps is working properly.

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