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Chrome Save As PDF Not Working: What You Should Know

If I try to save pages in PDF format, they will simply not load in the browser's print preview window. Instead, they appear as regular pages in the browser's address bar, and I have the View tab of Chrome on the print preview. This is a problem with my printer. I have not found any answers for the problem on r/android or any other Android community, maybe there is a solution in a different browser (Firefox is the only other browser I use for this purpose). Aug 13, 2024 — I have the same problem with my printer. And this is not happening on my desktop PC. Why it is happening in the desktop PC is that I have Firefox and a printer connected. Firefox allows me to save PDF with the same functionality as other browsers. I guess I would have fixed this problem in the past. What is the default behavior for the browser on Firefox? This is a problem on my printer. I had the same problem with Firefox 6.x, 7.x, and 8.×. I tried disabling printer management in the advanced print dialog and the problem is gone. And I have had to restart Firefox for that to happen. (The problem is that my printer refuses to print the PDF file on Firefox that I want.)  Feb 17, 2024 — Hi Samuel, As you already mentioned in the comments (see first post), save to PDF not working on my tablet (Google Nexus 7 2012). When I click on the menu (three dots) option called print”, the program just keeps the print job but does not actually “print” the PDF. This is actually quite annoying for me because I want to see how the page looks when printed by my printer. May 21, 2024 — Hello Samuel, I was facing the same problem as mentioned in your previous comment. I did a lot of testing with different browsers and printers, but no luck. This is not the only problem that is happening for me (i.e. if I try to save as PDF, it just hangs). It happens all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of it. However, there is another issue I do not understand. On Chrome, when I set up a Chrome account, a shortcut is registered in the system tray (the one in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). If I double-click on the shortcut to open Chrome, it opens as an empty tab without a home page.

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