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Pptxgenjs: What You Should Know

You can create and modify your own slide types, templates, slides; 15, Fast Turnaround Time: Instant and all in one click — no time limit for template editing; 25, Completely Free: No cost for the template you want to create or to modify; 50, Open Source: You can modify the code and share your modifications with others; 56, High Quality: The slides are high resolution and crisp, and do not use Flash or CSS images to ensure that the video stays up to date; 55, Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9, IE10, IE11; 60, Works on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile & Web Apps; 66, PPTXGenJS is a FREE software; 67, High quality and easy to use — easy to start and download the demo; 68, Create Your Own Template: You can create templates for slide and table generation; 70, Publish Your Document: Upload PDF or HTML files and let others enjoy them;  Download/View Demo — PPTXgenJS is an open source and self-hosted solution that allows you to easily create presentations using JavaScript/Chrome to PowerPoint or other presentation applications using HTML5 presentation components. PPTXgenJS is an amazing solution when you need to make presentations using different presentation types and features to the web or desktop. You can view/save the demo code of the demo here.  There are no limits regarding number of users and templates to be created. All templates in the demo are working, and you can see what they look like, how to use them and more.

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