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How To Make Powerpoint Presentation Attractive: What You Should Know

It makes it harder to understand your content.  You don't want to overwhelm your audience. This is why it's important to have your audience take out his or her mobile or tablet. You don't want to  become an interactive tool. You want them to get a feel for your message and authority. The image should be the one with one clear focus. The text should give the rest of the room a sense of your purpose. These two concepts can be combined to create a dynamic image that  creates a dramatic effect and drives your message home. Make Your Presentation Special. This is the moment to stand out on the conference table, to grab  the attention of your audience,  and inspire them to keep talking. “Your Presentation Has to Be Different” The more visual and memorable your presentation is, the  more chances it will be seen and talked about. And more chances it will reach your audience and  create a good conversation. But make sure you don't just go into it as a designer; to make the most of every minute.  Focus more on creating an experience than creating a presentation. When it comes to your design, don't go  for flashy graphics or fancy effects. This might cause your presentation to just end up boring. In my way, “show business” does not mean to take  an easy path — it means to build a platform that helps you get ahead and stand out from  the crowd. It can be a great design, but it won't be memorable. The presentation must stand out from the crowd. How? 1. Your presentation should reflect your personality. 2. You should have your own voice in your presentation. 3. This is the most important part — don't be afraid to fail. 4. Use bolder color choices. 5. Avoid boring, simple visuals like logos, banners, and whiteboards. 6. Stick to two minutes. This can be easily done by reducing the number of slides to make  them less cluttered. 7. Avoid using the same images. The more you can be creative, the more impact your  presentation will make. 8. Use images to support your messages. This is your visual guide. Your message will be heard. 9. Use photos as much as possible to support your message. Keep the images clean, and avoid high contrast.

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