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Powerpoint Dual Screen Presentation Mode: What You Should Know

Click slide Show. Press the menu button and choose the new slide show. Video and chat slide show on dual screens Press the video and chat button when you are starting a new presenter session. Video and chat slide show on other screens When you need to preview your video in video and chat on other screens, you can do this with a slide show like the one above. Use the presenter view in PowerPoint 2023 automatically to get started: Open PowerPoint and select the screen that you want to show the presenter view on.  Click on the presenter window and then on set Up Show. In the View tab, click the Display settings item at the top. It's located down the bar and is the first item of the menu. Select the Presenter tab (shown in two columns). Click on the Presenter tab (shown in two columns). Click the slide Show in view check box. In the Presenter tab, under the Display Settings, select the is my main monitor check box. In the View Settings window, you can now choose to use Presenter view with two monitors. In Slide Show set View Settings, in the left column, check the Presenter view with two monitors check box. In the right column, check the use Slide Show in Presenter View on other screens check box. Press the menu button and choose the new slide show. Using PowerPoint Presenter view with dual monitors to view video and chat Oct 21, 2023 — Open PowerPoint and click on the tab that says set up Show. Click on a slide. Press the video and chat button to start a new presenter session.

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