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Embed Media Powerpoint: What You Should Know

For now, click Add Video Video Video On PowerPoint. The new slide will open with the Video content attached. You can now customize the video by cropping or adding music, or by moving the content around in your presentation. You can also embed the video in your PowerPoint slide directly from Excel, Outlook, Google Docs, SharePoint, or Dropbox. Add the video to your slideshow: If you have a PowerPoint slide that you want to embed, click Insert > Video. The video will automatically be added to the slide in PowerPoint. The video is now displayed in a presentation for you to edit and preview it! You can also save the slide as a PDF or print it to a PDF file. How to Remove a Video You can remove an existing video in PowerPoint. First, click the video” in PowerPoint to display the Video Options window. Click the ‹Options button on the main window to display Additional Options, which is the only tab containing the video removal options.

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