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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing python-pptx to pdf
Instructions and Help about python-pptx to pdf

Hi we're going to make a PowerPoint to BDF converter using Python 3 and come which it stands for component object model it's a technology made by Microsoft to easy interact and manipulate with its product like PowerPoint Word it's a track it provide us with really helpful methods and we can use this in our code here we are using Python 3 and part of Pi win library you can find the links in the description so let's get started first let's make our file convert don't forget to tie and import our libraries now we need to take the path of our file that we need to convert so it's input enter a pass the file now we need the output destination output file path so it will be in the same directory as a first file so our file will be like our in file would be like this desktop file vivix we only need this part so we can add dot PDF later and os/2 pass dot etiquette provide us with this functionality we can enter and 5 sprint ticket easily it returns a list of two elements first element we hold the dot everything before the dot second element is that dot and after and extension so we only need the first element of the list so here is the first element then we need to open our PowerPoint object the calm object so how we do this it's easy by timing this good dispatch and it's a PowerPoint object so it takes arguments application and our PDF file which we need to convert we now have the common object of Microsoft the forum message it's all provided from Microsoft and there's a documentation link you can find in the description which have all the methods we are using here first one is PDF PowerPoint presentations which I will open the file from it open the input file and the conversion method which is save as it takes two arguments first one the output destination and the name and second one is the file format so our first one is output file and second one I have collected all the values for it we can view it here each one corresponding for a value so i only i now need video value which is 32 I can insert search tuning the code and he will understand it I won't save it as PDF and now I can close the files first video phone in PowerPoint quit now we have made our code we need to do to add a little thing we can add that it doesn't open the PowerPoint application it can work in the background by adding this line with window equal false it's much faster than opening the presentation the PowerPoint so we can now try our code I have a test example here contain two sides now we can shift right click and copy the pass don't forget.