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How To Paste Text In A Presentation In Powerpoint: What You Should Know

The Last Image in File Explorer. Select “Move to Desktop”. The picture appears in your file explorer, and the original is now moved to the Desktop. In the PowerPoint presentation, in the  Slides list, on the first slide, click on an object and then press “Ctrl+C”. PowerPoint: Windows User Guide 1. Step 1 In File Explorer, go to your PowerPoint presentation folder and find the .PBA file. Use a Notepad program and paste it somewhere convenient. The first thing you need to do is find and replace the existing color value of the image with the value you want. On the image, use the  color picker tool. Once you chose the color you want, hit CTRL+I to insert the data into your graphic. Step 2: Now that you have a .PBA file, you need to find the color values in your presentation (like “col1” and “col2”). In your PowerPoint presentation, go to the Image menu  View | Data Validation, and then choose “Select Color Table”. (You can also do this in PowerPoint  Right-click the picture of the slide and choose Insert a new graphic “). Click on the  data table under select the color table you want to use. In this example, all the values are  col1, col2 Step 3: In order to insert the color values of the original image into your  PowerPoint presentation, you must select it, right click it (CTRL+A), then click on  “Insert into Graphics” and select the .PBA file your using. Step 4: To add colors in PowerPoint, click on Insert into Graphic”, select the image you want to insert into  the graphic, and check the color you want to use. Step 5: Now you are ready to go! You can now  Paste in HTML as you want ! (Note: You can paste any HTML or plain text in PowerPoint) What are the benefits of  copy and paste : Copy and paste allows you to use HTML elements that are used widely in websites. This makes your presentation more web-like and therefore more  comprehensive. However, it won't work on all HTML elements or all web pages.

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