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How To Convert Word File To PDF Without Changing Font: What You Should Know

Why do Convert PDF and not Convert Word to PDF? —  You can find different answers as different as whether convert PDF should be a PDF or Word to PDF, but in my opinion, PDF conversion is better for conversion. In my opinion, when you convert paper to PDF, your paper won't change. In contrast, you can still change the original paper. The only exception is that Word to PDF makes the font change. In other words, when you convert PDF file back to paper, you can choose between original and modified fonts. But here's my question: In Word to PDF, can you choose to avoid creating a new PDF file or not?  Well, this is a problem that everyone faces. You might like the font change as it may be useful to you later. But in addition, when you save the Word files, the paper fonts will remain the same. So in many cases, you won't want to create a new PDF file with paper fonts. Also, I would like to inform you that to get your fonts exactly as they were before conversion, you need to use A-PDF. So, if the fonts in the original document are in a different size from your font size in the original Word file, it's actually impossible to get their exact sizes in the PDF document.

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