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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing export powerpoint slides as individual pdfs
Instructions and Help about export powerpoint slides as individual pdfs

Hello my name is Veronica Stan today I'm gonna show you how to export only selected slides in PowerPoint you probably know the situation you have a colleague or a client who only wants slide number three and four of your presentation now the several ways to do this I will show you only the most efficient one so here we go right now we have the title slide selected we just want to use the second and the third slide I call them selective one and selected two so you select the first one and then press control and click with the left mouse button on the second slide this year with two selected slides selected one and two next step is you go to file export select create PDF experience this document click here and now comes the important part you go here to options and then you select here range selection and your set also here it has open file after publishing and let's take a look yes we replace that one and here we go selected born - thank you for watching please like comment and subscribe and see you next time.