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Converting A Powerpoint To PDF With Embedded Audio: What You Should Know

How to convert a PowerPoint file with voice narration to PDF This solution consists in finding an audio track in the slide, and then converting the audio to a PDF. First, open Microsoft PowerPoint and go to Options>Options and to the Acrobat> Preferences where you will have the option to Convert to PDF. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, download it and enable it. Then go to and download the program , which will download a free trial with automatic updates and can be used on either computer. Once installed, install the Acrobat Reader from that directory, and you will be able to view and print the pages (as long as you have the Acrobat Reader installed) that contain the audio track. And you will be able to import the PDF files with the voice narration when you download and install Adobe Acrobat again. How To Convert PowerPoint to PDF with Voice Over In PowerPoint, use the Embed Flash command in the Acrobat Ribbon to add the audio. Then you will be able to play the audio in the PDF file.  By Lori Assume How to convert PowerPoint to PDF with audio narration.        This is an easy solution to convert a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) to document (doc), however, the author recommends in order to preserve presentation properties (bold, italics, underlining, etc.), you have to adjust the file name to be something like _PPT_. This document can then be opened via PowerPoint 2024 by creating a new Presentation file and using the Save As... button to insert a new PPT file name of PPT_PPT. This tutorial is a good start for anyone looking to convert PowerPoint to PDF but also consider this other resources for a quick and easy conversion of a PowerPoint to PDF: Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF — Easy to do at your own time.

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