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Unlock Slide In Powerpoint: What You Should Know

How do I unlock the image in the image picker in PowerPoint? No other tool I've tried has enabled me to modify image data while using the picker in PowerPoint. It would take a lot out of the use of the image picker because then we can't edit the data in the picker, so that's a dealbreaker for me.  May 31, 2024 – We all know what to do.... Right-click on an image and hit image ‑ Edit > Show. Or just drag and drop an image file onto your PowerPoint worksheet and hit Edit > Show. What about this trick that's working for about 8 months: How to unlock PowerPoint slideshow in Excel? June 16, 2024 — Click on the slides of the slides in the slideshow. Then in the main menu, click 'View' > 'Show slides' > show slides with thumbnails. This will activate the thumbnails on the slides to add a small thumbnail to each slide.  Can I add or delete slides in PowerPoint while still using them? Yes if you use the same username and password in both of them. This will be very useful when you need to view a PowerPoint presentation without the images. Can you add a thumbnail to a slide? Yes. Right-click on any image thumbnail in a Slide and choose 'Add a thumbnail' in the menu that opens. If you prefer to remove the thumbnail (no thumbnail), then just click on the image again and select 'Remove thumbnail'. I'll have screenshots in some of my posts. What are the best applications/tools to make presentation slides? In my opinion, PowerPoint is the best tool for making presentations. It allows great freedom to use what you want (you'll have to use some other tools to access some presentation content, but you get the basic idea). PowerPoint is the only tool that lets me add some content from the PowerPoint or read-only data in Excel or other programs. If you can't figure out how to add or access some of the data that slides have in the slides, then PowerPoint's own 'Add and Access Data' tool should solve most of your problems. I'm still experimenting with several of these tools, so stay tuned for more. What about editing presentations? If you edit a PowerPoint presentation with a text editor, then most slide effects can be applied.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing unlock slide in powerpoint


What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?
Here are some useful skills Technology- Running low on battery? Put your phone in Airplane mode and it'll charge much faster! Storing batteries in the freezer can up to double their lifespan. You can use Google as a timer by typing Set timer (x) minutes into the search bar. Go to and enter an Artists name and YouTube will auto arrange a playlist based on uploads of that artist. Spam s bothering you? Forward them to 7726 your carrier will reply asking for the number it came from to help stop spam. Can't afford Microsoft Word? Get open office it's the same thing except it's free and has more features. If your phone battery is really low and you need it for later don't turn it off. Instead put it in aeroplane mode. Turning it off and on will waste more battery life. FutureMe Write a Letter to your Future Self lets you send letters to yourself in the future If you search do the harlem shake on YouTube the page itself will do the Harlem Shake. Instead of Ctrl Alt & Del press Ctrl Shift and Escape to get straight to the task manager in Windows. On reboot your inner child you can continuously stream 9's cartoons for free. Stop using Google to search information for school essays use instead. You will find more relevant information right away! Forgot yourputer password? Boot up in safe mode (F8 during startup) log in as administrator and then change your password. If you accidentally close a tab ctrl+shift+t reopens it. Food & Drinks- Mixing alcohol with diet coke will get you more drunk than mixing it with regular coke. Poke a fork through the creamy part of an Oreo so you can dip the whole Oreo in milk without getting your fingers wet. Replace the butter in almost every recipe with coconut oil. It has a rich lightly sweet taste and it super Health & Fitnessy. Nutella + milk in the microwave will give you the best hot chocolate ever! Put Pancake Mix in a Ketchup bottle for a clean no-mess experience. When you add cream coffee stays warm 2% longer. Popcorn pops better when stored in cold places like the refrigerator. Health and Fitness- You can heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain by rubbing the area with chapstick. Adding vodka to your shampoo can strengthen your hair prevent dry scalp and stop dandruff Deodorant on an insect bite or other itchy site will stop the itch. Drinking two cups of water before meals can make you lose an average of 4.5 more pounds within 12 weeks than if you don't. When you're at a restaurant wash your hands after ordering. The menu is generally the dirtiest thing you can touch. Mosquito bite? Press a hot spoon onto the bite. The heat will destroy the chemical that caused the reaction and the itching will stop. Have a stomach ache? Lay on your left side and rub your stomach in clockwise circles. It'll help! Money Savers- Buying a car? Buy it at the end of the month. Salespeople have quotas to meet each month and will be more likely to cut you a deal. Buying a gym membership? Most times your Health & Fitness insurancepany willpletely reimburse the cost for you. Desperate for money? NASA will pay $15 to anyone who is willing to sit in bed for 87 days to research the effect of zero gravity. If you have a .edu email address you can get an Amazon Prime acct. This lets you watch almost unlimited TV Never buy shoes again! Payless will replace any shoes you buy from there if they fall apart or break regardless of how long you've had them or what you've put them through. Candles will burn longer and drip less if they are placed in the freezer for a few hours before using. Survival- Exhale when your left foot hits the ground to avoid cramps while running. Life Tip Buy a fire extinguisher before you need a fire extinguisher! The Calvin Klein Obsession scent should never be used when going into the woods. It attracts cheetahs tigers and jaguars. If you are in for a long drive at night listen toedians while driving. It's impossible to fall asleep while laughing Falling air pressure causes pain in bird's ears so if birds are flying low to the ground it almost always means a thunderstorm ising. If you ever suspect someone is following your car take four right turns. It forms a circle and if they're still behind they're following. If you ever get trapped underwater in your car use your carseat headrest to break the window. Thanks for Reading ) |GG|
Is there a well defined process to create BCG or MCKINSEY Style presentations?
Ive been thinking a lot about this. At this point Ive spent almost 1 years working within the consulting industry. One of the things I do on the side is advise an undergraduate group that does real-world consulting projects. One of our biggest challenges is to help them internalize exactly what you ask in this question. I. Thinking about the how instead of the what When I reflect back on my first role at McKinsey I realize that my biggest challenge was unlearning everything I had learned over the previous 23 years. Throughout school you are asked to do specific things. For example you are asked to write a 5 page paper on Benjamin Franklin - double spaced 12 font and answering two or three specific questions. In school to be successful you should follow the rules. However in consulting there are no rules on the what. Typically the problem you are asked to solve is ambiguous andplex - exactly why they hire you. In consulting you are taught the rules around the how and have to then fill in the what. The how can be taught and Ill show you a few things below. However the what takes practice II. How to think like a consultant There are two must haves as a consultant. Without these two traits you will struggle to do consulting- work A healthy obsession looking for a better way to do things In business school I once noticed in a class that everyone was very good ating up with reasons why something should not be done. This is really easy and is an attitude that I have seen be more prevalent in the business world. Im not really sure why this is the case - but this of attitude will be counterproductive to solving any sort of consulting project. Creating an effective and persuasive consulting like presentation requires afort with uncertaintybined with a slightly delusional belief that you can figure anything out. italic III. First things first - define the problem! Before doing the work time should be spent on defining the actual problem. Too often people are solutions focused when they think about fixing something. Let say apany is struggling with profitability. Someone might define the problem as we do not have enough growth. This would be incorrect. This is more of a symptom than a root cause. Ill walk through the steps you would take to identify the problem. In reality this may take hours of team problem solving and looking through lots of data and information Profitability isposed of revenue and costs Revenue has been increasing but at a slowing rate However the prices per widget is actually below where it was five years ago This may lead to a problem definition as such Thepany is struggling to increase profitability due to decreasing prices driven by new entrants in the market. Thepany needs to understand how to respond to the price pressure frompetitors and think about its product strategy topete in this market. italic IV. How to approach a problem like a consultant Now the fun starts! There are generally two approaches to building consulting-like presentations and will depend a lot on whether you are working alone or in a team and if in a team what of personalities are on your team. First is top-down . This is what you should start with especially for a newer consultant. This involves taking the problem statement and mapping out a high level structure of what you are doing. This typically would take the form of a hypothesis - key questions you can either prove or disprove. As you would imagine these can continue to evolve the deeper you go into a problem. Here is a very simplified structure of how your project may start out Company X has room to improve prices in current dynamic Company X can explore new business models or operating models due to advances in technology Markets A and B have been unlocked by new entrants and Company X is poised to exploit These three ideas not only are distinct but they also build on each other. Combined they tell a story of what thepany should do and how they should react. Each of these three points may be a separate section. Within each point you would have several slides of analysis and information helping to prove the point that these stances are in fact . #4 - Have MECE Ideas for max persuasion MECE means mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive - meaning all points listed cover the entire range of ideas while also being unique and differentiated from each other. An extreme example would be this Slide title There are seven continents Slide content The seven continents are North America South America Europe Africa Asia Antarctica Australia The list of continents provides seven distinct points that when taken together are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive italic . The MECE principle is not perfect - it is more of an ideal to push your logic in the right direction. Use it to continually improve and refine your story. Applying this to a profitability problem at the highest level would look like this Goal Increase profitability 2nd level Can increase revenue or decrease costs 3rd level Can increase revenue by selling more or increasing prices Each level is MECE. It is almost impossible to argue against any of this (unless you are willing tomit accounting fraud!). VI. Getting Reps Ultimately this is not something you will master overnight. Ive been in the consulting industry for almost 1 years and am still looking for ways to make better presentations be more persuasive and get feedback on individual slides. Look for people around you that do this well and ask them for feedback. The more feedback the more iterations and more presentations you make the better you will be. Good luck! horizontal-rule Having worked as a strategy consulting with both BCG and Mckinsey this changed how I think and gave me a problem-solving toolkit which I use in all aspects of my life. My experience inspired me to create StrategyU where the skills frameworks and secrets of the top-tier consulting firms are available to anyone with the desire to learn. Check out StrategyU for free lessons 1+ practical PowerPoint templates or the full self-paced course Think Like A Strategy Consultant italic .
What are some computer tricks that a CS student must know?
I be writing someputer tricks that I think most of the people don know about. Some of these tricks are already mentioned on Quora some I found randomly surfing on YouTube and some of them I discovered meself messing with my PC out of boredom. The Illuminati Folder italic Well technically its just a folder hidden in sight. You can use it store your files which you don want your boss partner to see or to store your 1 gb study materials ;p Find a suitable folder to hide or create one on your desktop. Right click = Rename. While renaming it hold the Alt key and press 16 from the numberpad to input the ASCII values of an empty space. Your Folder name is now hidden. To hide the folder icon right click the folder = Properties = Customize = Change Icon. From the list of available icons find the blank one and apply it. Voila now you have a secret vault for yourself. Note 1)You have to use the numberpad the number keys on top won work. 2)Place it somewhere in the bright part of background else you may see the outline. italic The Window Wobble italic I found this a few years back using a Windows 8 Laptop. According to the Devs this thing exists since the time of Windows 7. When you have a hell lot of windows open and want all windows except one to minimize grab that window by the top bar and shake it to minimize the unwanted windows. The Super Kill italic This works only in Windows 1. Whenever your PC gets hanged to the extent that you can even use Task Manager use this method. Sometimes it happens that when some PC game gets hanged it turns the screen black and when you try to open TM it opens but is not displayed on the screen and hidden under that blackness. What you do here is make use of Windows 1 multiple virtual desktops feature. Assume that the program Mass Effect 2 has made myputer to hang. italic Make sure that Task Manager isn open in the present desktop youre working in. Switch to a new virtual desktop using Ctrl+Win+D. On the new virtual desktop youll see that the hang in the previous desktop won affect this one. Simply open Task Manager and terminate that damn program causing the hang. The Quick Shot italic To right of the Start Button there are a few programs which youve pinned. They are called Quick Launch Programs. You can use your keyboard to launch them. Each program has a assigned number. For example the first program(left most) is 1 then2u232 3 ..and so on. You can easily launch them by pressing Win+assigned number . Here clicking Win+5 will open Chrome Win+8 will open Xbox etc. The Replicator If you want to open a fresh copy a a window simply click on it using the Middle Mouse Button (the wheel). OR you can hold the Shift key and left click on it normally. The Secret Send italic Usually when we right click an item and hover over the Send to sub-option we get a list of possible destinations. What you have to do is while Right clicking hold the Shift key to unlock a few more options in the options list as well as a few more destinations in the Send to list. The Pro Snipper italic The new Snipping tool is seriously underrated. Instead of taking a screeenshot of the whole window using Print Scr button on your keyboard you can selectively snip out portions of your screen and modify them in the improved Snipping tool. All you have to do is start up the snipping tool select the desired area and save it or modify and save according to your will. You can also use Shift+Win+S to open an instance of Snipping tool and copy the snipped part to you clipboard for copy pasting purposes. The DIY Shortcuts italic Im sure a majority of you don use this super time saver. Just Right Click the program and go to properties. There in the Shortcuts tab youll find the Shortcut Key option. Click on the Shortcut key field and enter your desiredbination of keys. Save it and use them in the future to quickly open the programs. The Resurrection Protocol italic Whenever you delete an item it is not lostpletely. No Im not talking about Recycle Bin. Even if you delete it from the Recycle Bin there italic still an option to get it back. Just Right Click on the folder your file was present in go to the Previous Versions tab select the version you want to restore open and view it if you want to check click on restore. Youll get your file back. Note You can use this function if you System Protection is switched off. To switch it on open System Properties click on System Protection select the desired drive click on Configure and enable System Protection. horizontal-rule That all I have to share folks. Please upvote it as I really worked hard on this answer. HESOYAM italic Note italic 1) Noputers were harmed during the making of this answer. italic 2) The titles are just some fancy names I came up with last night. Any similarity to some actual title is purely coincidental. italic
Where do you find high quality free images for your slidesPowerPoint presentations?
Ahh this is my favorite question to answer! In fact Ive been asked this question so many times I created a FREE email course to answer this very question (and others related to using photos in slides) Create Your Visual Database It might sound weird that I made an email course about this but here the thing 1. Ive checked out a LOT of different sites that provide free high quality visuals. There are only a handful that I actually rmend spending any time sorting through some of them are filled with garbage s you need to cite the artist some you don and there is moreplexity in between (such as whether or not you can modify the image). 3. If you make a lot of presentations it easy to end up with a disorganized mess of photos where you end up wasting a lot of time looking for photos you already saved etc. The email course is also designed to set you up to be organized and efficient. People seem to like it so far (yay!) Create Your Visual Database If that too much right now then I give a +1 to the person who said Unsplash | Free High-Resolution Photos that a pretty good site )
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