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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to merge shapes in powerpoint 2007


How do you embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2007?
There are two ways to do this. One requires theputer you are presenting on to have internet access and the other does not. Typically I try to insert videos with the assumption that theputer I am presenting on will not have internet access (better safe than sorry?). If however you are certain of fthe internet connection instructions for inserting a video that way can be found heren Here is how to insert videos for presenting on aputer without internetr 1. Find the YouTube video you would like to insert into your PowerPoint . Copy the URL for the video.. Navigate to (there are other free media converters but I've tried and had success with this one) .n4. Paste in the URL for the YouTube video and select WMV from Conversion . Adjust the conversion options if you would like and click . Name the file and then click Startrn7. Once converted click the Download button and save the video where you can find . In PowerPoint select the slide on which you would like to insert the . On the Insert tab choose Movie Movie from . Navigate to where you have saved the downloaded video and click . When asked how you would like the movie to start in PowerPoint click When Clicked (unless you would like the video to begin playing automatically).n12. Move and resize the inserted video as . When you view your slide show click the video to play it. nClick the video again to pause or stop it.r
How do I upload PowerPoint 2007 to YouTube?
Ppt 216 has this feature Turn your presentation into a video s However I'm not sure about ppt 27. If you can't do this I suggest using a screen record program like OBS Studio (free) and record the presentation as you would with other screen activity. Open Broadcaster Software | Download s I was impressed with OBS though it takes so getting used to.
How do I create a slideshow in PowerPoint 2007?
Please see a previous response of mine on Quora. You should use only the first 637 steps depending on your need. Beheruz N Sethna's answer to How do I turn a PowerPoint presentation into an MP4 file? answer aid 2556832