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Powerpoint Video Recording: What You Should Know

If you're recording, choose from the following options: Record with time and place (slide time) · You can record your presentation at anytime and anywhere with a time frame of minutes, hours, or days. You can also set a time period for the beginning and end. When you're finished, you can save the presentation as a time-stamped .ppt file. If the date and time are correct or if they are too long to be entered on the slide, choose Start Over from the top, and PowerPoint takes care of creating the video file automatically. Record with voice and audio · If you want to record just your slides, you simply start your presentation or a recording from the Start Recording section. (You'll start with an empty slide, so we recommend you start a video first.) When you're done, you can save it to a text file, a text presentation, or to a .ppt format that can be played instantly in PowerPoint. (You can save PowerPoint to a text file if you want to view it on a PC later.) Create a Text Presentation · You can also record a text presentation on the web. It's easy to make and easy to share. Select  Create a Web Presentation to create a short presentation (usually only one or two slides). If you're recording it, select Start Recording on the Home tab, then select Web Presentation. (If you need to add more slides after you've recorded, please see  You can also record a text presentation on the web. It's. If you're recording it, selection the Home tab, then select. (If you need to add more slides after you've recorded, please see How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation in a text file Record with a presentation or video · If you want to record a video or audio presentation, all you have to do is start the presentation or capture a slide. Choose  Start Recording on your Current slide to record your presentation. (A record button appears on the Home tab, so you can start the recording automatically.) Record with a PowerPoint Presentation · On the Record tab, choose Record on the home row, then choose PowerPoint Presentation. Click the Start Recording button to start recording your presentation, or press the red Stop Recording button to stop the recording.

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