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Video Lecture With Powerpoint: What You Should Know

Click here to view the tutorial Click here to see Dr Macabre's video lesson on the Slide Share app Click here to view a video lesson how to create PowerPoint slides and send them as a GIF. How To Create Audio for a Presentation — MSN How to Record a video Lecture in Presentation.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing video lecture with powerpoint


How can I create a video lecture on YouTube using PowerPoint slides with my face video as a small inset in a corner?
You will need a screen capture software. There is a lot in the market if you are on Mac you already have it on the system If windows the best I have tried is Camtasia by Techsmith. You can capture the slides as you talk or browse through. There is an option to show your webcam superimposed on whatever you capture from your screen IF you want to screen capture on windows without the webcam face click windows key+R then psr in the run dialogue Hope this helps.
From where I could get best SSC coaching?
For the best SSC coaching you can go for the Vidya Guru coaching. This is the best coaching institute for SSC Exam coaching. I am also a student of Vidya Guru Laxmi Nagar branch. Laxmi Nagar is a hub of coaching center. I taken the demo class of many coachings. But I like Vidya Guru. Because the demo class of Vidya Guru is very impressive. I was impressed from that. My friend also join Vidya Guru pen drive course. She is also very impress from provide the coaching for both modes online and offline both. And they provide the best coaching for both modes. Because all the teachers are experienced here. You can get the proper gance from here. The well trained and skilled teachers are available here. I am also a student of Vidya Guru Laxmi Nagar Branch. After join the best institute you can get the best gance and from that you clear all your doubts time to time. then you should do practice more and more for better resultin exam. I rmend you all to join the Vidya Guru coaching.
What's the best coaching institute for SSC in Delhi?
NO ONE Please don pay to any coaching center until you are fully sure that they are intended to teach not to earn. KD Campus and Paramount like coaching centers are all gold diggers. If you don have anyone to coach you how to start your journey for SSC then use UNACADEMY website or app to get basic details and also to study. If you think you really need coaching then visit mukherjee Nagar once then you will feel what these coaching institutes are doing there. I Would suggest you to watch some Unacademy videos on youtube then visit Mukherjee Nagar and take some demo classes which are free. Then decide Can you learn there or not! Moreover at present Internet has everything to learn for SSC Syllabus if you are dedicated like Unacademy Gradeup SSC ADDA YOUTUBE Channels (Abhinay Maths Amit Verma Maths SSC CGL Pinnaccle Study IQ etc.). Final Decision is yours. You can connect me personally if you want to get the full syllabus details available online for free for SSC Exams which I have been using. Upvote it if you like my answer to make it visible to more Quora users. Update-1 On this thread you will get many quora users saying Vidya Guru as best but I would suggest you to check the quora profile of these quora users rmending vidya guru. These are only promotional fake accounts made by themselves to attract more students. #GoldDiggers
How hard is it to give a lecture for 1 hour without PowerPointother audio video assistance in a professional career?
How hard is it to give a lecture for 1 hour without PowerPoint audio video assistance in a professional career? Not hard at all. In fact a professional will always have a backup plan in case there are technical issues and PowerPoint doesn't work. You slides are not your speech and should only be there to assist. A picture to help you ex a colour to helps the audience see what you mean a photo of you as a child so they can see how you've changed a graph or chart that paints a 1 words A slide should not be filled with words and if you do have words on your slides you do NOT read them aloud to your audience. If someone tells you that they cannot lecture for an hour without PowerPoint then they either don't know the topic well enough or they aren't a professional.
Did you use a laptop or tablet during your CSE preparation?
Thanks for a2a Yes I used my mobile as well as laptop during preparation One note screenshots PDFs video lectures PowerPoint downloads are perfect examples of it .. And to add TV series too when I got tired of studying ( haha sorry) Warning please be cautious it has its positives and negatives use judiciously and don't kill days and months on prime and Netflix ) watch in control . Thanks
What is the best online coaching hub for SSC CGL?
As an SSC CGL aspirant myself i have researched numerous amount youtube coaching channels and other online classes such as testbook unacademy etc. So i will be able to anwer your question. 1. For quantitative apititude just close your eyes and subscribe to e1 coaching classes and abhinay maths these are the best online classes for quants. The explanation is brilliant and you will understand the concepts very well. For books you can refer rakesh yadav and abhinay 2. For reasoning you can practice from previous year papers. Its not much a issue because reasoning concepts are very easy to understand and just needs good practice. If you still want to learn it then search for barkha agarwal reasoning on youtube and you will get the whole playlist. She also teaches on unacademy so if you have subscription then you can watch it there also. 3. For english revise you grammar concepts and practice them. Study idioms and phrases vocab and synonyms antonyms daily. Make it a habit to do atleast 1 of these daily. And also read newspaper. For english you can refer to SP Bakshi. Its a very good book covering all the topics of grammar and also it has a good stock of words. 4. For general awareness hands down just follow aman shrivastava. He teaches on unacademy but you will also get the playlist on youtube. He also does daily analysis of the hindu every morning. So you should follow him for GA. And for books you can refer to arihant's gk or lucent's gk. And nowing to the most important part MOCKS. Never ever forget to give mock tests. They are 7% of your preparation. For mocks you should buy ssctube testbook and gradeup. Their mocks are the best and also the level is quite good. Also more aspirants subscribe to these mocks so while live tests you will get an idea of where you stand. Thats it. All the best. Please like and share this answer. Really took efforts to write this. Thank you
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