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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing pdf handout to ppt


What are handouts in PowerPoint?
A handout is one of several formats of printed slides in PowerPoint. A handout page typically shows such as the example below. The purpose of the handout is to allow people listening to the presentation to have a copy of the slides on which to take notes on a slide-by-slide basis. The handout is very efficient for distributing slides. A 24-slide presentation printed in two-sided four slide handout form takes up just three sheets of paper. Handouts are in disfavor in manypanies as a waste of paper and just one more printed item that gets discarded or thrown on the floor. It may be preferable to offer listeners a to downloadable file in PPT or PDF.
How can I convert a PDF file to PPT?
Rebuild the document in PowerPoint. There no way to do a one-step conversion. You could save the PDF as a JPG (or a series of JPGs if it multipage) and insert each JPG into each PPT slide. You can insert a PDF directly. Note that this will lose the editable in the PDF making your PPT non-WAGpliant; you will need to add back content to make the document accessible. Easier would be to present the PDF in full-page mode as you would the PPT. If you need handouts the PDF will give you better control over your prints.
Who are the best tutors to follow for UPSC CSE at unacademy?
Before I answer your question please understand that every teacher at unacademy is amazing in his own have been a plus member of it from some time and with full assurity I can say that you will gain something extra from everyone.. But according to my experience I'll share the teachers whom I highly rmend POLITY Bare Acts course by Mudit Gupta ( Amazing course though lengthy but this exam deserves that hard work. Laxmikanth DD basu Bare acts have been covered in that course. USP is that he will make you write notes) Dr. Sidharth Arora sir ( Amazing teaching those who love to make notes go with him. But you need to know some basics of polity before starting his course. Freshers may find that he skipped many points from the topics but in reality they are the basics which he expects you know. He teaches from his experience and you will find amazing facts that are mentioned in his book) GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENT Rizwan Sir ( He will teach you from basics to advance. You will find the books to be easy and of low level after watching his videos. He makes you write notes of each topic.. ) ECONOMY Mudit Gupta Sir ( He would make you write notes from basic to advance. I need not say much because you yourself will experience the change after thepletion of course.) Mrunal sir (The best teacher of Indiayou don't require anything for his class except full attention. He provides you with handouts and they are more than sufficient. I would advice you to make your notes with the help of above teachers before enrolling for mrunal sir's course otherwise you might feel burdened after some classes as a lot of things are discussed in just one class) ordered-list