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What is the best free PDF to EPUB converter?
Ive tried a few converters including Calibre. I would question whether anyone who claims Calibre or similar software does a good job has actually ever used Calibre for this purpose. Ive found the converted files generally contain gibberish and have messed up layouts and graphics. The converters are especially bad at converting mathematical symbols and equations. For these reasons the converted files are unusable and the conversion software is essentially useless. I haven tried every conversion program on the planet. Someone with more patience than me can do that. However the only rmendation I would take seriously would need to state something like the following Useless software like Calibre does a terrible job at converting pdf to ePub; howeverpared to useless software like Calibre software XXX does a surprisingly good job
What is the best source for Microsoft PowerPoint templates?
I have been visiting various presentations and almost always after a few slides interest in the product being presented was lost. Sometimes the loss of interest in the presentation is caused by the speaker's uncertainty. But most often this is due to the monotonous and boring design of the presentation itself. When you have 25 slides of the same color and style which only change the and diagrams agree this presentation will drive anyone into boredom. In addition as practice shows people react faster to the visual series and then to the audio. And even if you are the best speaker the lack of a beautiful picture in the presentation will most likely lead you to failure. But the solution is found and different marketplaces offer ready-made PowerPoint presentation templates that will help you make your presentation interesting bright and memorable. One of the best marketplaces and a great source of amazing PowerPoint templates is TemplateMonster . I will show you a few featured PowerPoint templates s as an example. ENTORUM When we give a presentation we are trying to inform the audience about something we know that they do not. With Entorum template you can deliver your presentation in the most professional manner. This fully-fledged PowerPoint template has all the elements and hundreds of slide design options needed for a winning presentation. If you work for a corporate or non-corporate organization it is likely that you have a mandated template to use that defines the branding fonts colors etc. Thanks to easy customization you can adjust all the design elements to your brand identity. More features 1 unique slides 4 different aspect ratio settings Flexible map styles Guaranteed updates Accurate documentation Friendly support team 219 PITCH DECK Being fully editable and customized this PowerPoint presentation template has been designed for corporate and business customers. Ites with the following features More than 23 contemporary slideshows. PPTX files. 12 extra color theme parameters. 169 HD aspect ratio perfect for wide screens. Drag and Drop for s with your own. Getting your presentation the way you like is not only about selecting the appropriate template. There are many more steps you need to take to create a stunning slideshow. Plan out your speech. Pick up the right template. Make a presentation. Improve your speaking skills.
Which is the easiest way to convert PDF to PowerPoint freely?
Which is the easiest way to convert PDF to PowerPoint freely? There are many free ways available to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free. But the problem is they are not reliable. None of them can make sure that you'll get the accurate data converted from pdf to PowerPoint format. To name a few trustworthy services I can suggest you using Adobe Acrobat or PDFelement pro. Although both of their servicese at a price PDFelement pro charges way less than Adobe acrobat and provide an incorruptible service. Along with converting PDF files to PowerPoint format you can convert to many other files as well. Here's a video ge for you to give you a more detailed view. s
What are some good Marathi websites/online forums? Specify their genre/target audience.
Interesting question. Well I have been user of some of the following sites for the past five years. There are some very good sites but each one of them has its pros and cons. 1. The Index of all Marathi blogs on the Internet. This is as the title says a blog aggregate where you can read latest blog from all the blogs. 2. Marathi footsteps around the world... u92eeu92fu92cb26 u928eu924u92 8eu927u923eu2du92fe c7au92fe u92aeu9a261u923e... This one is probably the oldest of the marathi online forum. This has more than 2 users. This site has been doing interesting experiments overall. This site has acted as media partner for some marathi movies. Allowing its audience to read about exclusive content about this movies.. u92857 276u928 | u92ef83u92ae5 This one is also dependent on user generated content and may be most vibrant of them . Mimarathi n5. u92857 276u928 | u92a18u92455f65 n6. 8u95577 n7. First Marathi Website on Astronomy if you are an astronomy . 8u92853u924 52e ceu923f5e cbu921u923ee 87u9242 A new website looking at publishing audio books. nThanksnNikhil
Why is Awdhesh Academy not as popular as Unacademy?
Awdhesh Academy s has just started while Unacademy is almost 8 years old. According to Wikipedia page Unacademy first began as a channel on Youtube in 21 by Gaurav Munjal. In 215 Roman Saini an IAS officer joined Unacademy and the channel started focusing on UPSC civil service exams coaching. In December 215 Saini and Munjal joined Hemesh Singh and Sachin Gupta to found thepany as its own venture. Thepany is registered as Sorting Hat Technologies Pvt Ltd . citation target s title Unacademy - Wikipedia index 1 unique_id lpdZh Awdhesh Academy s is yet to be given a formal legal shape. It is right now working just as my personal venture. I have already posted 14 courses on Unacademy and I have almost 8K followers and 75K views on my Unacademy courses. citation target s title Awdhesh Singh - Unacademy index 2 unique_id kTjqh However I felt that the methodology of Unacademy needs improvement and hence I started my own venture Awdhesh Academy s . There are some vital differences between both the teaching platforms. 1 Educators Unacademy has thousands of educators while Awdhesh Academy s is presently having just one (me). I don intend to have a large number of educators on my platform. I would prefer to have just one educator per course who is among the best in the business. 2 Courses Unacademy has multiple courses on the same topic taught by many educator having different quality. Awdhesh Academy s would have only one course per subject and all courses would have similar quality. 3 Lessons Unacademy has only video lessons which are usually the voiceover on a PPT based App on mobile phones by the educators themselves. Awdhesh Academy s would have the lessons with HD quality video which are shot in the studio by the experienced videographer and edited to provide the best quality lessons. 4 Number of Courses Unacademy has huge number of courses on their platform. Awdhesh Academy s has only three courses right now. Class XI Mathematics Class XI Physics Life Lessons We plan to soon introduce two more courses Civil Services GS IV (Ethics Integrity and Aptitude) Goods and Services Tax (GST) All the courses are presently taught by me. If we get some good educators we can introduce a few more courses in future. 5 Additional Features Unacademy has only video lessons for each course. Awdhesh Academy s shall have the HD quality video lessons which shall be followed by an objective online test that can assess if you have really understood the lesson. You can review the video lesson in case you have not got the concepts clearly. You can also download the Notes after you have taken the test. Here is a screen shot of the Class XI Physics Course on Awdhesh Academy s . Awdhesh Academy s also plans to put up assignment for each chapter and the solutions of these assignment for clearing your concept. The idea is to provide to create a class room like environment online. 6 Business Model Unacademy seeks to provide all courses free of cost. They have now started charging for the some courses under Unacademy Plus. These courses are quite expensive. Awdhesh Academy s shall charge a nominal fee of less than Rs 1 for each course. However its quality should match or even better than the quality of ByJus who are charging Rs 1 or more per course. 7 Language We are posting all courses on Awdhesh Academy s in both Hindi and English separately. 8 Popularity It takes a long time for a seed to grow and bear fruits. Unacademy is already in the business for several years while Awdhesh Academy s has just started. It shall get popular when people would see its courses and like them.
Are there any free, easy to use and visual "elevator pitch" platforms or templates on the web?
You can get many great presentation templates or slides for free online but keep in mind that designers also pay bills. I would rmend s - Free PowerPoint Templates Keynote Templates Google Slides - Free PowerPoint Templates Keynote Templates Google Slides for business marketing and education. Slidebean s - Design powerful professional presentations in minutes not hours. Presentation software has never been easier In addition to PowerPoint you can also consider some good options. Enjoy your presentation design journey such as Canva Prezi italic etc. Make sure you appreciate and use these templates wisely . Some of my favorite resources forpanies of all sizes who need to present templates to inspire your audience
What are some good internet hacks?
1. Bookmark this URL s as your Facebook newsfeed to always see Most Recent posts instead of the lame Top Stories. 2. Holding CONTROL + ENTER in the URL Bar fills in the www and . 3. Holding CONTROL + SHIFT + R will clear the cach1e and then refresh pag1 . 4. Do some quick math in the address bar 5. You probably know CONTROL + V will paste but did you know CONTROL + SHIFT + V will paste without formatting? 6. In Chrome browser hold S + right click on any search. Another easy way to reverse to the search bar. 7. Holding CONTROL + TAB changes to the next tab in the browser just in case your boss quickly sneaks up on you. 8. Privacy on Internet is a Myth - Account Killer Deleting your account on Facebook or other websites can be a real pain in the behind. Account Killer s you to exactly where you need to go to get your data removed from there. If you want to take the next step and disappear from the Internets follow this ge to deleting your digital footprint s . 9. Can I Stream It? So you finally have figured out what movie to watch? Now you just have to find out where it streaming in the land of Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime and on and on. Can I Stream It? solves this question by showing you where to stream or buy the film. 1. Rad URLs shows what is trending the most on Facebook and Twitter. Updated every 15 minutes youll never miss out on anything viral. If you didn knew about most of them please hit the UPVOTE button D italic