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Powerpoint, Free: What You Should Know

Microsoft Office: Google Slides are beautiful PDF slideshows that you can view on any PC, tablet or smartphone. Google Slides makes it easy to create interactive  Google Slides — Google Plus Google Slides is a powerful online photo-sharing online image gallery. Share beautiful photos, photos with video, photos and  Zapier: Google Slides (with support for Google Apps): Google Slides is a fantastic online photo sharing tool. It lets you add photos to an ongoing online slideshow. You can share photos to the  Slideshare — Google Slides, Photos and Videos Take your blog, portfolio or presentation online with a Google slides gallery. Simply select a type of presentation and your slides will download to  Slideshare — The Great Google Slides Gallery Slideshare allows you to share slides, photos and videos on your blog or a social network to your online gallery. All you need to  Roadside — Take Your Blog and Presentations Online In addition to a great photo sharing site, crowd slide is one of the most powerful online presentation systems ever created. Roadside lets you  Slideshare — Online Slideshow Maker Take photos, video, audio, and graphics and share them online in one place, without any additional software. Easy to use, Roadside features easy to use,  Slideshare — Online Slideshow Maker Get slideshows online within 5 minutes. Roadside makes it easy to share a slideshow. Easily add photos and video.  Gig Slides: Slides for All The People Slideshows, Google Slides, Google Presentations, and all your photos are available on all your computers, tablets, etc. in one application. This is perfect for photographers and for students. Slideshow: A Powerful Online Slideshow Creation Application! Slideshow is a powerful online template creation and viewing application that can upload a variety of PowerPoint templates (slides, music tracks, etc) and convert them into a high-quality online slideshow that you can  Create presentations online from any of the photos within your computer's camera roll. Create slideshows on the fly for web pages or websites, in-person or offline.  Google Slides: Slides — A free online slide deck generator to put together a presentation from documents and images. Create a slideshow presentation and share with others.

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