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Is it possible to download slides from slideshare, in ".ppt" format instead of ".pdf" format?
Just download the file as it is and then use this to convert it to .ppt format. PDF to PPT Converter - 1% Free s I have tried it myself. Peace!
What are the 25 off-page SEO techniques to drive organic traffic?
If you want to increase brand awareness and drive massive organic traffic to your site you need to understand what off-page SEO is and the techniques that are really effective. Learn what off-page SEO is without having to read the article. Hit play and listen to the post! Take a look at this article to have clear view about the off page SEO techniques. That's where the idea for writing aplete off-page SEO techniques checklistes from. We hope it helps you in your digital marketing efforts. Most user searches are done for two reasons to find information (informative query); to find information and buy (trade consultation). You need both s of users - those who seek information and those who want to buy. Because either case is a win-win situation you will convert them into customers or gain long-term subscribers. It's time for you to know off-page SEO tactics by their name so we've created aplete list of everything you should target in your SEO efforts Link Building is the king Harness the power of social media Add an RSS feed subscription box Share documents Soe on! Off-page SEO Techniques 1. Link Building is the king Build and seek quality s. This is the first and most important thing to remember about s. The NoFollow is an attribute that webmasters can use to create a to a site that instructs the search engines to essentially ignore the . Social networks are famous for using NoFollow s when ing to external sites. Links without NoFollow attribute are called DoFollow . If you are wondering what impact NoFollow s have on your site here is some helpful data and tips all backed by case studies and Google's position on this subject. The building is the most popular marketing technique deployed by professionals around the world. It's the most desired result of all - ok to some extent. The technique is so important that while Google suggests that content is the top ranking factor building is generally preferred over the principle of creating and delivering quality new content. However content still contributes a lot to the strategy. Links are translated as votes or applause for your site an appreciation of your brand. The same building effort has contributed to the rise of what is now known as black hat SEO . Sometimes people are so desperate to collect s that start playing with fire and do the following forum subscriptions subscribe to your site in content directories exchange schemes networks blog directories toment article directories and so on. There are things that make a domain reference and therefore a valuable (or not) and they are popularity; topic matching between the two domains ed by a (is the relevant?); anchor ; update; site trustworthiness; domain authority and or page authority rather than s used by the sender page. So pay attention to who you are ing to and how you are doing it. Three main s of s fill the web - natural s a user customer reader knows the content of your page and has a positive outlook on your services and s to your business as a sign of trust recognition and approval; - manually constructed s obtained through direct building efforts; deliberately ask customers to to your product or influencers to share your content; - self-created s when posting your site inments or web directories forums press releases etc. (most of them fall into the black hat category). The smartest move is to practice a natural building. The best way to do this is to make your content able so that ites naturally. Guest blogging is also a good idea but be careful not to over your site and make your contribution more spam than useful. Also build your s at a normal pace growing gradually. Or Google will think you are doing some black-hat magic. 2. Harness the power of social media Social signals can be important to Google when ranking a page. You need to get your audience to make Google (or any other search engine) like you and rank you high. Especially when your brand mentions can count as s as mentioned earlier. Facebook Twitter Google+ and Instagram are booming social networks and have never been so successful and strong. They know how to engage people provide the means for them to be inspired and animated create the friends they need (though often only available in the virtual world) promote the shares and likes they crave. So brands and online marketers seized the moment and saw these social platforms as the best space for brand reinforcement and promotion. There are three things we rmend you consider when using social media Be responsive - People often talk about you when they are satisfied with your services when someone asks for a rmendation or feedback from friends or when they are dissatisfied with your product. Either way be sensitive and engage with your audience. Customer support can be delivered across all channels whether online or offline on your support page or through social media channels. Build Connections - There are a multitude of leaders influencers and reputable professionals who can help you get your brand across. One sharing your content or mentioning you two following you or three simply influencing your self-development as a business owner or marketer in the field. Build connections with social media gurus and enjoy what's good and learn what's best to avoid. Monitor your online reputation - brand mentions are a valuable resource for your business. As previously emphasized brand mentions count as s in Google's search algorithms. Search for a reliable social media monitoring tool and see who mentioned you through social media channels. Learn what exactly they say about you and use this chance to get in touch and win them over as customers. 3. Add an RSS feed subscription box It's better to have fewer subscribers who visit your site regularly than a plethora of unique visitors. That's why all the more or less reputable blogs and brands provide an RSS subscription box. RSS is short for Rich Site Summary. And I think that says it all. RSS boxes RSS feed RSS channel or better known as subscription boxes provide page information in XML format. People are drawn to the keyword sign up and leave their email address to receive information without having to proactively search for it on the web. By using this of contact form you not only enrich your contact list and subscribers but you also get a recipient to whom you can send andmunicate updates news blog posts etc. You can use for example Google's Feedburner . Often users are happy to benefit from rich and continuous information data and news without having to consult them manually. And they are pleased when they receive them by email in their offices or in thefort of home. 4. Share documents By sharing content s about your brand on other platforms you can rank keywords that your site could notpete for. For various reasons such aspetition being very strong for example. If you think your content also serves the interests of others submit documents to document sharing sites such as Scribd Academia and SlideShare. Treat documents like a traditional piece of content - do keyword research and fully optimize them titles filename transcripts. Place effective call-to-action and it to your site whenever relevant and possible. The advantage of having documents published on such platforms is that PDF and PowerPoint files cannot be crawled by search engines but these sites make them readable. Similar to written documents podcasts and videos can be uploaded to SoundCloud YouTube etc. with a transcript.
What are the keys to growing your blog audience?
1. Comment on other blogs The rightment on a highly authoritative blog can send you lots of traffic; identify the top blogs in your niche and start interacting andmenting on blogs on a regular basis. This will get the blogger and members of hismunity to notice you and visit your blog leading to more traffic for you; you might even get a or invitation to guest blog out of it. 2. Develop a blogger outreach plan Many bloggers fail to get traffic because they take a passive approach to blogging; if you simply publish your article rest and wait for traffic toe then nothing will happen. For every article you publish make sure you have a solid blogger outreach plan;pile a list of dozens of relevant bloggers that you can email your article to and ask them to share or to your article. This article s is a good place to learn how to do blogger outreach. 3. Look for opportunities to be included in roundups Every niche has at least a dozen blogs that do weekly or monthly roundups; at the end of the week or month these blogs will publish an article with a summary of the most interesting content they read in a particular month. You can get some nice exposure by emailing these bloggers and asking them to include your article in their next roundup. 4. Enable trackbacks on your blog Anytime you publish a new article on a blog hosted with WordPress it gives you an option to enablements and trackbacks; a trackback is an automatic notification sent to any website you to allowing your to be featured in theirments section as well if approved. If you to top blogs in your article and you and the blogs you ed to both have trackbacks enabled a to your article will appear in theirments section; this will ensure people seeingments on their blog can see a to your articles and itll eventually lead to more traffic for you. 5. Submit your content to bloggingmunities Bloggingmunities have existed for a long time and are a good place to get traffic; some notable examples are Bizsugar s in the business niche Blokube in the blogging and social media niche and Dribbble s in the design niche. Look for a bloggingmunity in your niche that you can share interesting articles with and occasionally submit your articles. Where to post blogs for more traffic 1. Guest posts One of the fastest ways to grow your blog is by writing for other people's blogs; in other words you can look for a blog that is much bigger than yours and write an article for that blog. You'll be allowed to have a bio that includes a to your site in your guest post. This can result in a lot of traffic for you. Here a screenshot showing the kind of traffic you can get from a guest post o make guest blogging work try to only guest blog on blogs that are more popular than yours; look for blogs with tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers and submit your guest post to them. 2. Syndicate your content to top blogs Many top blogs in your niche will allow you to republish content on their site with credit back to you; most big blogs will do it if they feel that your content is good enough. Look for a list of publications and network sites in your industry that republish content and see if they'd like to republish your articles. 3. Pursue media syndication opportunities Many top media sites thrive on publishing a lot of content and it isn unusual to see these sites publish 5 or more articles in a single day; of course this is difficult to pull off and they have to rely on content from guests and other sources to meet their content schedule. To get around this top media sites like Lifehacker and Business Insider republish quality content on other sites; often they only feature content from experts but you can try to reach out to them to see if you can be a part of their content syndication program. 4. Rewrite some of your articles and post them on article directories Article directories are not as effective as they used to be but you can rewrite some of your articles in minutes and have them distributed to article directories. Make sure you include s to your blog in these articles. Blog promotion using other media 1. Feature or interview owners of popular forums Compile a list of the biggest forum owners in your niche and interview them; if possible get them to participate in a round-up post on your blog. Send them a after your article has been published and encourage them to share it. 2. Promote your blog on top forums in your niche Forums can also be a good source of traffic; many of the top forums in your niche probably get millions of monthly visitors and many have hundreds of thousands of members but you can't simply start spamming the forums with your s. Instead focus on making valuable contributions to the forum in form of ideas response to other people's discussions and being active in popular discussions; make sure to have a to your blog in your forum signature and you'll notice an increase in your traffic. 3. Publish slides to Slideshare Do you know that Slideshare is popularly known as the sleeping giant of content marketing. The reason for this is simple; over 7 million professionals use Slideshare and it is one of the 1 most visited websites in the world. The good news is that you can use it to promote your blog. In a case study Ana Hoffman revealed that by publishing 9 presentations on Slideshare she was able to generate 243 views to her slides and over 14 clicks to her blog in 3 days; as a result Slideshare became her second largest referral traffic. Now that's one great way to promote a blog! Create your own Slideshare presentations too using fewer words and visually rich sharing sites to grow your reach Image sharing sites like Flickr have millions of users and this presents you with a great opportunity to increase your reach; take cool pictures around you that you own a copyright to and publish them on these sites with a Creative Commons license on the condition that those who use them must to you. This will result in bloggers using your s and send you some quality traffic. How to get traffic to your blog via collaboration 1. Create case studies of influencers and ask them to share Identify influencers in your niche with good reach do a case study about these influencers and get them to share it. A good example is this case study s of Quora influencer Oliver Emberton; Oliver shared the article on social media when it went live which eventually resulted in 1s of shares and thousands of views. The article also ranks on page 1 for his name in Google bringing in long-term search traffic. 2. Feature other bloggers in your articles and ask them to share One of the techniques superstar blogger Neil Patel s uses to grow his blog is that of ing to dozens of bloggers inside his articles (according to him his articles usually contain 1+ s) and then reaching out to the bloggers who he ed to letting them know that he ed to them. The result is hundreds sometimes thousands of shares per article and eventually lots of traffic back to him. Regularly to other bloggers in your articles and email all of them to let them know about your article; many of them will share your article resulting in lots of traffic for you. 3. Do expert roundups and ask featured experts to share How will you like to leverage the reach of 1 2 or more experts in your niche to grow yours? Is this even possible? Yes by doing expert roundups in which you interview a group of experts and ask them one or two questions to bepiled inside one article you can massively boost your blog traffic. Once your expert roundup has been published ask all the bloggers featured to spread the word about it; the result of this will often be thousands of extra visitors to your blog. A good example of an expert roundup is this article that features 32 bloggers who reveal their favorite site-building platform; the result is hundreds of shares. Here's another good example s that got over 1 shares. 4. Joinmunities where bloggers support each other (or exchange shares) There are secret bloggers club and websites that foster amunity where members promote themselves; in short everymunity member promotes each other content and benefit from the support of a massivemunity. Two good examples are JustRetweet s and Triberr s . 5. Do cross-promotion with other bloggers Find a blogger with a similar audience to yours and see if you can do a shout out exchange; in other words you mention them on your blog and they mention you on theirs. You can also promote them to your email list while they promote you to theirs. 6. Be an influential blogger success story While most bloggers struggle to get traffic authority bloggers with hundreds of thousands of readers go over and beyond to send traffic to people who can validate them; if you take the advice of a popular blogger and get results from it he will happily showcase you to his audience and send traffic back to you.
What are the best ways to promote a blog post when you have little to no traffic?
After youve created your great content give it an interesting title that grabs attention & includes some keywords that your audience might into a search engine. Speaking which also use good tags that people may key in to find your content. For example If you blog is about yoga some good tags might be low impact exercises how to relax during exercise how to lose weight while stretching and so on. As for social media it a good idea to determine where your audience (niche market) primarily hangs out and put your focus on sharing on those platforms. Not everyone is everywhere and people waste lots of time promoting in areas where their tribe is not. Below I just dropped a couple tid bits for a few of them. If you opt for Twitter great hashtags are key. Since Twitter is a feed that moves quickly feel free to share your post multiple times through out the day (you can go back and share old posts as you see fit as well). You can even tweet a quote from one of your posts. Whatever you do Share Share Share. Twitter is pretty forgiving. Also if you want to check the performance of your shares this platform does provide the option to view your analytics. You can use up to 3 hashtags on Instagram. It important that they are relavent to the post and to your niche If your blog is fashion beauty travel outdoors or even fitness posting photos on Instagram is a great way to promote it. People respond best to images especially if theyre clear and well done. Facebook is can be tricky with its algorithm. Even if you have 4K followers whether or not everyone who online will see your posts depends on how active you are with sharing. This is for both personal profiles and business pages. If youre using your fan page you WILL be able to check the analytics to see how many people saw the post what time where theyre located etc. etc. which is quite helpful. On this platform be creative. Join groups that are relevant to your niche. Interact in those groups so when it time to share your blog posts it accepted well. I should mention that if your post includes a brand another blogger etc. Remember to tag them in each time you share that post. Because it a promotion of them or their brand they will probably share it too. This will potentially drive their following to your blog. It always important to engage with people on your social media platforms so that people won feel like youre just around to sell to them. Be consistent authentic and just have fun. Youll see your numbers grow.
How do I send a PDF on an iPhone?
You can send a PDF using an iPhone if your phone already contains the PDF using the following ways Email - simply attach the file in your email and send. AirDrop - iPhone feature which can send and receive files and images using wireless technology. This is the counterpart for Android Bluetooth.
How do you achieve B2B marketing development strategies?
Thanks for the A2A. Content + SEO can do miracles in B2B. Here I am sharing a simple way to get productive returns. Ill ex you with a single marketing material that could be repurposed and promoted all through the year. These strategies not only leave you with thousands of leads and but also revenue. Without whitepapers B2B marketing is nothing. Research on a mostly searched and trending topic in your industry and write a detailed research paper that is white paper. How it can be presented? italic Create it as PDF Create a landing page and generate leads to download PDF Add the content in the PDF as a separate landing page to gain SEO visibility How can it be promoted? italic You could repurpose it to different formats and promote it to different platforms. Make sure to get a back to the main landing page wherever you promote. Submit to PDF sharing sites (Slideshare scribd) Convert it to PPT and promote to PPT sharing sites (Slideshare) Convert the insights to infographics and promote to infographic sharing sites () Convert it into video and promote it to video sharing sites (Youtube vimeo) Convert it into podcast and submit to podcast directories Convert it into webinar series and conduct it on a weekly basis Convert it into tutorial and post it on related websites () Convert them as sharing sites (flickr) There are lots more here - 5+ Places To Repurpose Your Content The Ultimate Ge s Once you have those leads in your database make sure to start a nurturing process. Lead - Customer - Revenue Start with the mailers that helps users onboarding process Then pitch in upgrades add-ons of your product ordered-list Upvote this post if this helped you -)
How do I invite traffic to my blog?
Top 5 techniques to increase traffic I have tested them for you and here is the result the top 5 most effective methods to increase traffic both short and long term. Apply them correctly and you will be certain to reach a big traffic within a few weeks see a few days. Let's go ! # 1 Publishing Publishing Publishing italic Sorry to disappoint you but the most powerful secret to increase his visits is not magic Publish regularly articles on his blog. It's all stupid but it's essential. By publishing regularly you will both effectively reference your pages on search engines but also retain your readers and increase your number of visitors and subscribers day after day. And it's inevitable. If you publish several times a week for several months you will see your traffic grow automatically! # 2 Referencing your blog once and for all italic Still something you already knew but it is good to remind it Before spending time or money to increase your traffic optimize your blog already for SEO! It will not cost you anything and it will greatly facilitate your work afterwards. What are you waiting for? # 3 Post guest articles on other blogs italic This is the best way I know to gain a big traffic skilled short term while improving your SEO in the long run all without spending 1 penny! Simply put a blogger in a good blog post with one or two s to your blog. Everyone is a winner you get visitors and a back of a blog more important than yours which it receives free content to publish on its blog without effort which participates to its referencing and brings traffic to him the long term. # 4 Advertising Adword italic If you have a blog already developed with a source of revenue and a conversion tunnel already in place (visitor subscriber prospect customer) paying for traffic can be contemplated. In this case you could use Google Adword the most known and one of the easiest to use. Most advertisements that you see on the internet are generated by Google Adsense and are customized according to the sites you have visited before. As an advertiser you can target a certain category of person and pay only if someone clicks on your ad. This is a simple method but you need to make sure of one thing before launching your campaign that the value of a visitor to your site is higher than the cost-per-click you are going to pay. To know the value of 1 visitor you simply divide your profit by the number of visits to your site. # 5 Advertising Facebook italic I have already had the opportunity to test it several times to promote pages of my site or simply the Facebook page of MasterBlog. This is a good way to increase your skilled traffic since you will be able to target by focus the people who will see your advertising. This is precisely what makes the astronomical value of Facebook knowing the interests friends and activities of more than a billion people on earth. My advice Instead of promoting your Blog on Facebook instead promote your Facebook page. Thanks to this technique I have doubled my number of fans for about 2 to 3 cents the target fan. This is not a bad deal if only to give more authority to your blog by having lots of likes on Facebook.
How do I make my blog content SEO friendly?
1) Focus on 1-2 long-tail writing for your blog it's important not to stuff a ton of your keywords into a single post. Instead focus on 1-2 keywords for each post. n nWhere are the best parts of your posts to include these terms so you rank high in search? Well there are four essential places where you should try to include your keywordsn na) TitlenThe title of your blog post should include your keyword but just be sure to keep your long-tail keyword under 7 characters.n nb) BodynYou should mention your keyword at a normal pace throughout your post -- that means you should include your keywords but only in a natural reader-friendly way. n nc) URLnSearch engines also look to your URL to figure out what your post is about. Your URL should reflect your title so ensure the keyword you use is relevant to the article.n nd) Meta DescriptionnLater in this post we'll also dive into exing meta descriptions. Your meta description is meant to give search engines and your readers information about your blog post's content. n n2) Use responsive that are responsive will conform to the screen of any device. That means whether you're reading a blog on a desktop smartphone tablet or other mobile device the site format and layout will be the same making for a unified user experience.n ) Use canonical may have heard SEO experts say that you should never have duplicate content on your website. However you sometimes need to display information in multiple ways to help your website visitors navigate your website. Whenever you have duplicate content on your website but need to keep both pages live you should use canonical tags.n n4) Optimize your s that help ex your content. But search engines don't just look for with alt .