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Well I would say it depends what you use presentations for.... -) I am describing here my experience since I work in a fast-pacedpany in which frequently we do presentations abroad to CEO CMO to discuss sales pitch project status updatesbusiness case analysis strategy etc. etc. italic n horizontal-rule n What is your goal? nIf you need to write presentations with confidential informationpany strategies portolios I would avoid for the moment the Google Microsoft products though they are very good. Keynote is a good alternative. I am a bit thoughtful on the current existing scenario... nThe problem that I found with all these software is that most of them are still organised and very close to the desktop version (though big improvements have been made by Microsoft and keynote)...for example I have Keynote on my iPad a beautiful application lots of templates (that I cannot really use for my work though... ;-( ) lots of features but when ites to work on train on a plane etc. there is no way you can build a real professional the paragraphs are not 1% aligned it is difficult to manage with fingersplex slides etc.n Have you ever tried to setup header and footer on a slide on the iPad??? italic nIf you use the above apps you always need to rely on a desktop version to create the very final version in which you fixed all the small details... Confidentially is important nAll these apps also have the cloud storage so though it is a good thing for seamless work sometimes might raise some issues especially dealing withpanies confidentiality. My management expressively prohibited the use any of those (particularly Google) for strategy and new products slides and cloud storage has to be disabled in all of them. Is the world ready for awesome presentations? nAt the moment there is not much new on the market Prezi is also a nice alternative but still with lots of IFs (e.g. if my boss agrees to have such kind of presentation if I should use the login etc.). I could never go to a management meeting presenting tons of animations slides need tone clean printable and easy to go through even without a lots of my presentations are actually done on paper printed slides in one-to-one meetings... What I decided to use instead nFew months ago I did some research on the Apple Store and on blogs and I came through a promising new application called JUST Perfect . The app is produced by apany called and at the moment is the app I use to produce presentations on the iPad. The difference is that this app has pre-built templates auto formatting and very few but important features so to write an executive slide for my management is basically 5 steps (one per each slide -) ). All the items on the page are perfectly aligned and they don't move (if I don't need them to move) so I just enter the and publish it. I can change instantly the font formatting in all my pages with one button and I can create a browsable HTML version of my presentation with my notes on the just love it! italic I customised the templates with mypany colours logos just once and all the future presentations will share the same formatting.n n The templates in the app are not the usual one... italic nThere are pre-built pages for project management for status updates milestones portfolios roadmaps... nI find very easy to use because those are the formats we use in ourpany. The kind of slides my management would expect.n It is clear the app has been built thinking about the tablet and business-as-usual kind of meeting italic In addition once you own the app all the features are available and there is no requirement for registration upgrades cloud storage etc. etc. Security for me is the keys. Just Perfect has an export functionality to send an email with encrypted projects or PDFs attached. So no cloud no remote unknown storage everything is done using the old fashion e-mail using one of the most secure encryption algorithms... I am so used to play with this app that when I am at the airport or at the hotel using public connections if the content is confidential I send emails to my colleagues through this app using encryption attaching slides even with simple page . From the point of view of the user interface this app is not yet close to Keynote or Microsoft products but it is stable and it does the job pretty neatly so this would be my short answer to your question -p . italic I hope this gives you some material to work with... -)
Slideshare is awesome and what is more awesome is that you can download most of the slides! Download the slides if the author has enabled downloading But some of the authors won allow download option. So what do you do? Leave ament in below the presentation with 3 things to get the presentation(It has always worked for me) State why will be presentation be useful to you 1 If it is research based workshop search on the internet using some keyterms in the presentation. There are chances that the author would have posted the presentation somewhere else. Possible regions to look for Conference presented in 1 Slide title 1 I have almost always got the presentation.
To download from slideshare first you have to be a member by logging in. It wil ask you to upload your ppts for any domain for people to view and download ie give and take! once you share something to slideshare automatically download option for all the ppts shared in slideshare will be open to you )
While the Competition measure provided in the Google Keyword Planner can be used to directionally determine thepetitiveness of a keyword in the organic sphere it probably best not to conflate PPCpetition and organicpetition. When ites right down to it the measures are quite different. In PPC it a measure of how many people are bidding on a term in a specific region relative to all of the keywords in Google. It doesn take into account many of the elements that you have to consider when ites to Google organic algorithm. For that you have to consider yourpetition ability to rank based on what we know are ranking factors in Google . With organicpetitiveness at the keyword level Im sorry to say that there is no quick automated way to see how difficult it would be to rank for long-tail phrases. While Moz has a keyword difficulty s tool that can analyze how difficult it would be to rank for many keywords their data set might be limited when ites to really long tail keywords. For many phrases you might be able to just look at who is ranking in the top 1 results to determine howpetitive it is. If you see a bunch of private blogs old news articles and such there it likely a lowpetition key phrase. But more than likely you will need to capture thosepeting domains and measure them against the known ranking factors to see much work itll take to beat them. How many s do they have? What is the Citation Flow and Trust Flow ( Majestic s measures this) for their profile? Have they optimized their page with friendly URLs good Page Titles great on-page content etc? How significant is the brand? If you run across a key phrase that has very low brand equity in thepetition with very low Citation and Trust Flow in their profiles you probably have a very good shot at ranking in the Top 1 quite easily. To be honest though your lowestpetition keywords will likely be long-tail phrases. Of course this is pretty laborious to do for a bunch of long-tail keywords. So Im not sure it the best use of your time to do this manually. With a platform like seoClarity you can start tracking the keyword in themunity contributed data set and start seeing how yourpetition stacks up without having to do it manually.
There are a number of obvious synergies between Microsoft products and technologies and the LinkedIn service just one of which is the overlap of Office users (esp. O365) and LinkedIn membership. n- Imagine Office online tools integrated within LinkedIn web site most notably Word but also Excel OneNote etc.n- Imagine LinkedIn's customer infoset integrated within Cortana Azure Graph or other knowledge tools. n- Imagine dynamically creating workgroups to share or coauthor documents with professional contacts via their LinkedIn profile n- Imagine document routing and workflow among various shareholders in a business chain or professional so can listen to Bill gates take on the acquisitionn
You can check if your SlideShare content has been indexed italic by doing a Like this sites - Google Search s but with your SlideShare URL. Google may crawl your but not index it. With SlideShare if you content is getting some views and has been shared on social media etc. then there is a very high chance they will have crawled it. BUT they still may choose not to index it depending on the content. Google Search Console will show s pointing to your site but it will not show all of them. Your best best bet is to make sure your Slideshare presentation is getting viewed by sharing it in suitable places.