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What should I start a blog about if I want to teach myself digital marketing?
If I wanted to learn digital marketing by using a blog to create content that I could then market I would pick something easy. I would pick cats or something about animals or food. Those are whate to mind but I know there are more topics that certainly equal or better. Just look at what is hot out there and select something you feelfortable writing about.n nThe digital marketing part is simply you learning how to share where to share and what content do people want to consume. So there are some considerations you need to make.n How easy is your website to navigate share content and make visitors engage with your content? How well do you write? Can you create content that someone wants to share? Those few questions will determine if you will learn digital marketing or not. People want the least amount of friction to share something and it better be good because they will be judged by the content they share. That's how you breach into digital marketing. n nIf you have the right content then your learning curve will be easier. Eventually once you learn how to market through articles press releases social and other methods you might try your hand at a bit more difficult niche. Some niches are easier than other but ultimately it's the effort you put into it.n nI wrote this from putting myself in your shoes. Hopefully this gets the gears turning. You can't learn digital marketing if you don't have the right platform and content. That's where you start.n nHope this helps! ~ Adam