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How To Convert Powerpoint To Word On Macbook Air: What You Should Know

Open PowerPoint from the Mac 2. Press the P key on your Mac keyboard. 3. Press the M key. 4. Press Shift-Command-G. 5. Press Command-O or Control-Enter. 6. Click “Save as” to save the file to your computer. 7. Open your Microsoft Word presentation and, by default, choose File, Save as, and then choose Word. 8. Click the Save As button, then click the Save as type and then choose Word for Word. The file will open in Word. 9. In Word, choose the Microsoft Word menu.  How to Convert Word to PowerPoint on a Mac 1. Open Word 2. Choose View > Image > Make PowerPoint. 3. Choose File > Save as a PDF. 4. Choose PowerPoint from the menu bar. 5. Choose Save as a PowerPoint presentation. 6. Choose the .PPTX file format for the file. 7. Click the Save button. The PowerPoint presentation files will be saved to your hard drive or the Mac's local disk, depending on your operating system. 10. When PowerPoint is closed, you are ready to open your PowerPoint presentation in Word. How to Convert PowerPoint to Word on an Android Smartphone How to convert PowerPoint to Word from an Android Smartphone 1. Open PowerPoint on Android phone. 2. Choose PowerPoint from your home folder. 3. Choose the PowerPoint presentation from the folder menu on the left of PowerPoint. 4. Choose Save As. 5. Choose Word from the menu bar. 6. If you are asked if you want to save the presentation as a PDF, click Yes. 7. Choose Word from the menu bar. 8. Choose Save as a Word document. 9. Choose the .doc file format for the file. 10. Click Save.

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